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Synonyms for dreamworld

a pleasing country existing only in dreams or imagination

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The pounds 95 million VTP200 would include a range of thrilling rides, including Flight Trainer, Giant Drop and Seesaw, and four extreme activities - Walk of Fear, Sky Jump, Bungee Jump and Climb To The Top.
Observation decks close to the summit will house a string of theme park-style rides, including a Walk of Fear, Sky Jump, Bungee Jump, Climb To The Top, Flight Trainer, Giant Drop and Seesaw.
Mr Pawley's plans for the tower, which will be located on one-and-a-half acres of land next to Millennium Point, include an external glass viewing lift and an eight-seat giant drop ride.
Attractions will include a freefall parachute drop, a gyro tower ride which will take up to 50 passengers, a bungee drop ride, an eight-seat giant drop and a seesaw ride.
Dreamworld has 20 different rides, including the spinning, twisting, tumbling Wipeout; the heart-thumping Giant Drop with eight-seat gondolas which plunge 420ft in five seconds; and the Cyclone, a high-speed rollercoaster with a huge circle where you go up and over Down Under.
As I am being strapped into the open cage of the Giant Drop my heart rate is already at 120 bpm.
This summer also sees the introduction of the Giant Drop - the world's first indoor free-fall ride.
On the catwalks McQueen had beehive hats, Chanel described their oversized pearl accessories as giant drops of pollen and guests were literally blown away at their show by giant wind turbines.