Giambattista Marino

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Italian poet (1569-1625)

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Bibliografia delle opere a stampa di Giambattista Marino.
Las bocas unanimes de la fama proclamaron a Giambattista Marino el nuevo Hornero y el nuevo Dante.
Uno de los pocos que escribieron en ella fue Giambattista Marino (1569-1625), el Gongora italiano, por ejemplo en esta evocacion de Catulo que llamo "Baci Dolci e Amorosi":
Poet who was the leading representative of the "Second Silesian School," the German counterpart to the Baroque extravagance of the Italian poets Giambattista Marino and Battista Guarini and the Spanish poet Luis de Gongora.
It had counterparts in the Marinism of Italy (see Giambattista Marino ) and the euphuism of England.
The specific practices of the Academy are traced from the years of Viceroy Lemos (1611-15), through the period of the philological studies of Basil (1616-22) and the influence of the aristocratic commission, to the arrival of Giambattista Marino and the Theater of Glory (1623-28), to the death of the founder and the publication of Manso's Poesie (1629-45).
If De Sanctis takes up the rose in tracing "la splendida e sconcertante avventura dell'arte nell'amara stagione del declino" (9) from Lorenzo il Magnifico to Giambattista Marino, then Thomas Peterson, in his recent The Rose in Contemporary Italian Poetry, follows this most privileged flower in its many incarnations through a century of rapid evolution and innovation.