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a member of the Nepalese force that has been part of the British army for 200 years

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a member of Hindu people descended from brahmins and Rajputs who live in Nepal

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Joanna's father fought for Britain with the 6th Ghurka regiment on the North Western Front.
As he left the house his stepfather saw he had a black-handled curved Kukri knife, the type used by Ghurkas with a curved blade, concealed up his sleeve," he said.
The old Ghurka was immediately ushered through the main entrance.
30pm, Aycliffe AC fish a Winter Series match on Aycliffe Pond and Yarm AA hold a Club Match on their stretch of the Tees whilst there are Opens on Woodlands The Oaks and The Swale, whilst The Ghurka Charity Open takes place on the River Tyne.
Alan Beith has sent a petition from Dave Hewit-son, a disabled army veteran from Embleton, to Prime Minister Gordon Brown calling on the Government to give former Ghurka soldiers the right to UK residency.
WHEN his section came under fire in Burma, the 2nd Ghurka Rifleman killed a Japanese sniper and went on to single-handedly clear four enemy foxholes and take out a light machine gun.
They stopped off in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia where they were serenaded by a Ghurka pipe band.
However, Bassetts Pond has seen huge amounts of carp being caught plus tench and crucians, with maggots, caster, worm and pellets the most popular baits This year's sell-out Annual Ghurka Match attracted 80 anglers from as far a field as Nottingham, Yorkshire and Cumbria.
SUNDAY: The Annual Ghurka match takes place on the Tyne.
There will be another ceremony on September 26, when the honour will be given to the Queen's Ghurka Signals.
This came from a Ghurka soldier who had been a recipient of a welcome box.
THE extra rain will be welcomed for the regions rivers, as this weekend sees increased match activity scheduled for the Wear via the EA Open and also the Tees, while next weekend brings the Tyne's oldest running match, The Ghurka, to the most northerly of our coarse fishing rivers.
There will be another ceremony on September 26 when the honour is bestowed on the Queen's Ghurka Signals.
At the Gurkhas' barracks in Maidstone, Kent, last night, Major Andy Edington said there were 120 members of the Ghurka squadron in Kosovo as combat engineers.