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a rich meat stew highly seasoned with paprika

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Special Halloween treats will be available in Disneyland, including menu items such as Zero's Ghostly Ghoulash, served in a dog dish in honor of Zero.
But vendors say this time around buyers are gobblin' up a ghoulash of glow-in-the-dark ghost, black cat, witch, jack-o-lantern and skeleton tablecloths and die-cut placemats.
Also available throughout both parks are special Halloween treats, including menu items such as Zero's Ghostly Ghoulash served in a dog dish in honor of Zero.
Throughout the Disneyland Resort during Halloween Time, families can enjoy unique Halloween-themed food items including Zero's Ghostly Ghoulash, a favorite of Jack Skellington's pet in "Haunted Mansion Holiday," and merchandise including Disney costumes, collectible pins and coins and a special set of Halloween-themed Mickey Mouse ears resembling the Mickey jack-o'-lantern in Town Square.
Krystina Kujawinska Courtney's discussion of Krystyna Skuszanka's productions of Measure for Measure and The Tempest and Zoltan Markus's exploration of war, lechery and ghoulash Communism in Hungary show that certain plays proved more amenable to ideological appropriation, but none so much as Hamlet.