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a writer who gives the credit of authorship to someone else


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The e-book was written by Marcia Layton Turner, founder and executive director of the Association of Ghostwriters (www.
Although Minaj didn't exactly mention Azalea's name, most people assumed she was referring to Iggy and the rumours about her using a ghostwriter for her songs including "Fancy.
With ghostwriting services on the rise - current estimates suggest that as many as 50 percent of all New York Times bestsellers are now ghostwritten - the Association of Ghostwriters aims to raise the profile of successful ghostwriters, assist writers interested in entering this niche, and connect individuals interested in writing a book with professionals who can assist them.
Lilly isn't the only drugmaker to use ghostwriters to win favorable play in medical journals.
Capello, who addresses players by their surnames, ordered agents, family members, charity promoters, ghostwriters and hairstylists to stay away.
Johnson differentiates ghostwriters from legitimate consulting services, however: "I think it's valuable and okay when consulting services help people sharpen their ideas.
Ghostwriters aren't as scarce as they once were, and it is fairly easy to fill up your dance card with potential partners.
I'm waiting for Bill Clinton to maintain that he was shocked--shocked--by that glimpse of Janet Jackson's breast and that marriage should be between a man, a woman, and their ghostwriters.
In a smart and sidesplitting satire, Everett and Kincaid chronicle the history of Thurmond's History through the correspondence of the senator, an unhinged congressional aide, an insecure intern at a major publishing house and his obsessive bosses, and a reformed prostitute, as well as Professors Everett and Kincaid themselves, who are hired as ghostwriters because (as senator and publisher explain) one of them is black.
Nobel prizewinner and one of Spain's most distinguished authors, Camilo Jose Cela, has been accused by journalist Tomas Garcia Yebra of using ghostwriters for the majority of his career.
And on December 20, 2001, it published this: "The Gridiron dinner, as the affair is known, drags on for about five hours, enlivened mainly by the speeches of the politicians, whose ghostwriters in recent years have consistently outdone the journalists in the sharpness and grace of their wit (leaving journalists from the provinces with a strong impulse to follow the groundhogs back into their holes).
There is no completely satisfactory answer to the question of who helped Capecia, but Makward has shown that the novels were partly based on a manuscript which her third lover, a Frenchman, sent her, partly the result of Capecia's own efforts, partly the work of several white ghostwriters and editors aware of the postwar interest in exotic cultures.
Jonathan Swift would have envied the Starr Report--and the independent counsel's ghostwriters had it all under oath.
Now she outlines plots for the books and edits all of them, but now ghostwriters do most of the writing.