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a deserted settlement (especially in western United States)

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Before signing up for his first lead role in the movie GhostTown, Ricky warned his director he might ruin takes by giggling.
In GhostTown, Ricky plays Bertram, a grumpy, lonely dentist who wakes up after minor surgery to find that he can see dead people.
IN PORTLAND, OREGON, two people with no art school training and scant interest in art history, calling themselves Red76, prevailed upon a half-dozen friends to loan them the modest resources needed for a month-long cluster of "art events," called Ghosttown, 2006.
Ghosttown is typical of Red76, a self-described "arts group" founded in 2000 with shifting membership that (this time around) included Sam Gould and Khris Soden.
But the Witton site is now set to become a virtual industrial ghosttown, with only a skeleton staffretained in advance of its final closure after 152 years next year.
The Sonic Boom event, organised by GhostTown Promotions, will be at Taylor John's House, in the Canal Basin, on Saturday, September 29.
The six songs - Living For Love, Devil Pray, Ghosttown, Unapologetic Bitch, Illuminati and Bitch I'm Madonna (featuring Nicki Minaj) C are available HERE.
Jenna Jones, founder of organisers GhostTown Promotions, said: "Everybody was just completely shocked by it all.