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Synonyms for postscript

Synonyms for postscript

a note appended to a letter after the signature

textual matter that is added onto a publication

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It also has the ability to run inside the KIP Powerprint(R) and the Oce Repro Desk(R) plot submission software as a direct replacement to the Ghostscript software utility for seamless plot job processing and submission.
AcroPlot Repro can also be used as a direct replacement for Ghostscript in the KIP Powerprint(R) and the Oce ReproDesk(R) printing software.
Ghostscript converts Postscript-formatted files to non-PostScript and sends the job to the Windows print queue.
Built upon the Ghostscript framework, a postscript interpreter, the Omni Linux Driver is available without charge to OKI customers via the Web.
Additionally, new PC MACLAN now offers the first cross-platform suite to provide Mac users with the ability to print to any non-PostScript printer attached to the PC network with the inclusion of a third-party supported utility called Ghostscript.