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a religious dance of Native Americans looking for communication with the dead

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In 1890, Wovoka, a Paiute influenced by Shakers, started the Ghost Dance Religion in the Northwest, and it spread quickly to the Plains.
Jesus's apostles resembled the more militant members of the Ghost Dance religion of the late nineteenth-century plains tribes, who likewise blended indigenous shamanism and Judeo-Christian end-times prophecy.
His interviews and observations concerning the Ghost Dance religion that was embraced by the Plains tribes in the early 1890s are recorded in this volume.
They had been told that he was preparing to lead the Ghost Dance religion which was sweeping through the Indian tribes, promising the return of their ancestors, the buffalo, and a major revolt against the white man.
Even specialists might overlook this work, since Craft is known only from footnotes relating to the Ghost Dance religion that ended at Wounded Knee in 1890.
The persons interviewed in the book recall family stories of the disappearance of the buffalo, the Wild West shows, the Sun Dance, the Ghost Dance religion, the two battles of Wounded Knee, changes in women's lives, and what it meant to serve in the military.