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Synonyms for gillie

a young male attendant on a Scottish Highlander chief

a shoe without a tongue and with decorative lacing up the instep


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Tuition was provided from Bywell head ghillie Gary Hillary and his team, AAPGAI Master in the double-handed rod Paul Little and GAIA coach Cliff Johnston.
com)-- A ghillie suit is a form of camouflage designed not only to break up the human form, but conceal it completely from vision.
One was Tom Stark, the oldest ghillie on Loch Leven in Scotland and the other Jim Kelly, the oldest ghillie on Lough Conn in Ireland.
Guided by a ghillie, she practised her aim ahead of the hunt yesterday afternoon.
John Monteith, ghillie on the Newtyle beat of the Tay, said disturbing fish when they are trying to reproduce was "wrong".
They are also looking for long-serving river keepers and ghillies who have dedicated at least 25 years to looking after the same river system.
Ghillies disrupt the identifiable backpack pattern, and--unlike shooting blinds--they are portable when nor in use, Marion said.
Thus, in the third volume of the Hannay stories, Mr Standfast, does he set out to bring him to book, helped as always by a variety of good sorts en route, border shepherds and ghillies of Delphic brevity of speech, level browed girls ('all whipcord now' the pretty VAD tells him), laconic war heroes and so on.
Avriel International, a new company, has those hard-to-get Highland ghillies, Celtic, Irish, and Flamenco shoes.
His number includes blacksmiths, gamekeepers, grooms, foresters, sports tailors, saddlers, feed merchants, river guardians called ghillies, and hunt assistants called stalkers, beaters and whippers-in.
Ghillies could also face prosecution if they knowingly allow an angler to kill a springer.
The first lot incorporates the entire property - the 3,165sq ft main hall, which could be divided into two or three apartments or kept as a spacious home, plus the Vine House, the Mill House, the Mill Cottage, Ghillies View, the Garden Cottage and the Stables.
Clapton, 62, and Paxman, 57, are on the River Tay north of Perth, where locals have seen them taking to the water each day with two ghillies - the fishing equivalent of caddies in golf.
Wannabe actors bid for roles as ghillies, ladies-in-waiting and journalists.