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a circular domed dwelling that is portable and self-supporting

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Coldstream's managing directors -- Kevin Fitzwilson, Don Gher and Roger Reynolds -- will continue to lead the company.
egacy of the gher, en, h s h d ne Michael Gallagher, 51, lost son Aiden, 21, in the Omagh bombing.
Tou gher sentences teach criminals a lesson, set an example and protect the public.
Most young Saudis don't want to get involved in manual labour, and the private sector does not want to pay the hi gher salaries that Saudis demand.
Purchase of office supplies, paper, computer and printer consumables member institutions in order CHU group meeting: GHSR CHU CHU CHFG, GHER, CHGM and EPSMR.
Entrusted to the contractor, the task of ensuring the food service under the conditions shown in the specifications, that is to say the consultation is - Supply, training and distribution of meals and other food services, for consumption, and that the benefit of patients GHER of St.
TOMMY Lawson was yesterday made the new manager of Skelmersdale United just hours after the sacking of Paul Galla gher.
Tenders are invited for Construction of One No RCC OHSR 25000 ltr capacity with height 18 mtr and construction of pump chamber under 25000 ltr capacity of OHSR Internal complete in all respect at Abadie Gher of village Janial Block Bamial Distt Pathankot Under NRDWSP
And the six-a-side games will be refereed by Premier League officials Steve Bennett and Dermot Galla gher.
e wise old age of six, Gallagher runs the gher roost with a f steel, Tina ne's Mimi Maguire s saving the local ol her personal mission, while her son Jamie discovers he's not a pure-blood Maguire.
Four years after a global economic crisis hit the Balkan country, cutting economic growth and jobs, the jobless rate continues to grow and the number of people without work is about 44,800 hi gher than a year ago.
Colin Ashton, Booth and A Sinclair each converted for H with Dave Biggs, Trace and D Evans making no mistake eithe With the score tied at 4-4, G gher hit the bar before Pin made his first save from Carl Big the shoot-out went to sud death.