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Mongolian emperor whose empire stretched from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean (1162-1227)

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I'm not sure what happened to Mussolini or Hitler, let alone Ghengis Khan, but in my case the phobia was the result of an unfortunate cat-related incident at the home of my mum's Great Uncle Bob, a veteran of The Great War and a kindly soul with a fondness for cats.
This is a peaceful protest and people can see we are not Ghengis Khan Warriors.
They include, for example, Alexander the Great; Ghengis Khan, the legendary Mongol emperor; and a number of US presidents: George Washington, James Monroe, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S.
Geneticists recently documented that about 8 percent of the males in a large part of Asia are descended from Ghengis Khan and his male relatives.
And spending my Fnal days as a bachelor marauding across Felds where Ghengis Khan led the most formidable army in history will be equally rewarding; obviously in a different way, (if you are reading dear
The Taliban had banned kite flying and the singing of songs, and blew up ancient monuments that had survived the armies of Alexander, Ghengis Khan and Timerlame.
A thousand years of warfare have divided the Mongol tribes but now Ghengis Khan has returned to unite his people and create a mighty force that can travel the lands, cross the Gobi and scale mountains to reach the fortified cities where they will meet their mightiest enemy - China.
I've also been reading a book about Ghengis Khan and historical stuff about World War II.
If Ghengis Khan had a Diplomatic Corps he would look for someone other than Johnston to run it, for he must have scissored the word 'compromise' out of his dictionary many years ago.
Interspersed with the one or two almost wearable items (if you take off the odd tassle and bustle) were costumes inspired by everything from Joan of Arc to Ghengis Khan via the Little Mermaid as girls looking barely human swept along the runway in voluminous gowns finished off with silken armour and helmets, right, as though set for some fashion battlefield.
While about $4 million was used to purchase two pools of life insurance, the other $64 million was spent ``to further their lavish lifestyles,'' including a 2003 Aston Martin automobile for $250,000; a 2003 Ferrari for $240,000, a 44-foot-long 2005 MTI Supercat race boat for $290,000 and the Ghengis Khan watch, said Goldman.
It's a heck of a shock for Maria to find out that she's married to a sexual Ghengis Khan.
There is also the matter of his career as a warrior but, as we shall see, he was certainly no Ghengis Khan.
Foreigners have tried to conquer Afghanis since Ghengis Khan and Alexander the Great and all have failed.
They then move further east across the roof of the world to the realm of Ghengis Khan, leader of the Mongol Horde, with whom they form an alliance against the Shah in order to retrieve a jewel precious to the Khazars, the Rainbow of Saba.