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Mongolian emperor whose empire stretched from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean (1162-1227)

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They are drunk on power, and they are doing exactly what Ghenghis Khan and Hulagu did in their times and what Hitler and Mussolini did in theirs.
Ghenghis Khan who used the route to found the world's greatest empire 600 years later; and the budding merchant of Venice Marco Polo who in the late 13th century set off after the scent of money.
Temujin is the birth name of Ghenghis Khan, the great 12th century Mongol leader.
All I can hear is an inebriated Kristina saying 'OH MY GOD' as she marvels at the sheer awfulness of a drag queen who looks like Dame Edna and tries not to get her eyebrows singed by scary fire dancers dressed up as Ghenghis Khan.
com or watch The Martha Stewart Show (check local listings) on July 8 for exclusive behind the scenes outtakes of the new PetSmart commercial featuring Martha and her dogs Francesca, Sharkey and Ghenghis Khan.
The Man-in-Charge rang to book a table and ask if there were any vegetarian options (how Ghenghis Khan would have laughed).