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stairway in India leading down to a landing on the water

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The stampede occurred when a makeshift bamboo bridge at Adalat Ghat collapsed while devotees were returning after offering arghya ( oblation) to the setting sun, the police said.
The incident occurred on Friday, the last day of Maha Godavari Pushkaram, when the Chief Minister was going from Padmavati Ghat in Rajahmundry to Kotilingala Ghat to review the arrangements made for the last minute rush of pilgrims.
Kerala, watered by rivers flowing from the Western Ghats and out to the Arabian sea, is the source of much of the world's supply.
Summary: Once in 12 years the Western Ghats witness a breathtaking
The 621-mile Dabhol-Bangaluru Pipeline, which connects south India to the national gas grid, was completed within cost and carried out in highly undulating Western Ghats and met all norms of health and occupational safety.
His childhood was spent in the lush greenery of the Western Ghats.
Washington, July 29 (ANI): Scientists have discovered a new species of mayfly in the southern Western Ghats in peninsular India.
They're found exclusively in the Western Ghats, a lush mountain range that stretches 1,600 kilometers from the western state of Maharashtra down to the country's southern tip.
From the colorful Holi festival to the funeral ceremonies along the Ghats of Varanasi, the girls make many unexpected friends along their adventure who help them to see the universal connection we all have to life and death.
YENy DELHy (CyHAN)- Lakhs of devotees took dip at the ghats of the Sangam in Allahabad today on the occasion of Mauni Amavasya, a significant bathing day.
5 m) asl], which is part of the North Western Ghats ecoregion.
Before too long he's back on the road again, heading across the Western Ghats to the state of Kerala to prepare a regional dessert, payasam, and pick up tips for a traditional pork curry.
A total of 135 fishes were sampled from four lower order streams (Manimuthar, Karayar, Servalar and Kallar) and the downstream section (Kokkarakulam) of the Tamiraparani River in southern Western Ghats, India.
Recent field studies in the dry, rocky hillocks of the Southern Eastern Ghats landscape have shed light on its adult-morphology, geographic range, and habitat associations (Adimallaiah et al.
Ninan's stimulating supervision that he developed his ground-breaking research studying the cytology of South Indian ferns and carried out extensive detailed fieldwork on the Pteridophytes of the Western Ghats from 1969 onwards.