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a republic in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea

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They praised the idea of a National Sanitation Day on the first Saturday of every month and urged all Ghanaians to actively participate in it, calling it a "Christian duty and a civic responsibility.
Another reason why I'm not feeling proudly Ghanaian at the moment is the loss of the very characteristics in Ghanaians that I fell in love with.
As a wholly Ghanaian owned company Surfline was established to provide wireless broadband and related services to the Ghanaian market, including meeting the emergent and largely unfulfilled data needs of Ghana's businesses, government agencies, professional and academic communities and residential users.
During that era in Ghana, the image of the "fat president" was manifested in the minds of many Ghanaians by the career of outgoing president Jerry J.
TRANSFAST's current Ghanaian banking partners include HFC Bank, Fidelity Bank, UT Bank, First Atlantic Bank and Merchant Bank -- and the network continues to grow.
The Ghanaians apply a high-defensive-line; this requires a quick, technical wing-back who can make accurate crosses without neglecting his defensive responsibilities during the Ghanaian attacks.
We have only 300 registered Ghanaians in the group and there are several others who have not registered.
The Ghanaian community in Canada is concentrated in Toronto, where 14,720 (or 63 percent) of Canada's 23,230 Ghanaians live (Statistic Canada 2006).
Ghanaian firm Rlg Communications, which produces communications equipment such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets, is playing a major role in developing the scheme.
The openhanded financial donation by the Ghanaians clearly confirms their love and devotion for native land.
Wesley's own Ghanaian Choir will close the day's events with a performance.
The government is also starting an ad campaign to persuade Ghanaians to treat African-Americans more like long-lost relatives than as rich tourists: Many black American visitors find that Africans treat them, and even refer to them, the same way as white tourists.
Another study reveals that many Ghanaians are mining to harmful skin-bleaching products to lighten their skin in hopes of being perceived as more attractive and successful.
2-million structure dominates the skyline in the city's north end, and attracts about 500 Ghanaians from miles away.
Other Ghanaians on Teesside were then rounded up to watch the country's World Cup debut in The Tavern pub on Linthorpe Road.