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a unit of force equal to the force exerted by gravity


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Remote accessibility through an intranet or internet connection, using any Java enabled web browser, adds versatility to the GForce control system.
Drayton Manor Theme Park, located near Tamworth, Staffordshire, is home to some of the biggest, wettest and scariest rides around, such as Gforce, Apocalypse and Storm Force 10.
A pilot whose dreams of a highflying career were wrecked by a Gforce injury to his neck has won a High Court damages action.
The organization responsible was called the "al Qaeda Alliance Online" and was comprised of groups with names like GForce Pakistan and the Pakistani Hackerz Club--names that connote a certain adolescent worship of hip-hop that's a clue to the participants' relative lack of menace; none turned out to have actual terrorist ties.
Claire said: ``It was great going up, but when you get up to Gforce you black-out.
The hacking group GForce Pakistan, which joined the pro-Palestinian forces, posted heart-wrenching images of badly mutilated children on numerous Israeli websites.
About Gray Consulting International Gray Consulting International (Gray) is a provider of corporate project management and logistical services with four business divisions: Clincierge, International Meetings & Incentives, Gray Travel Services and GForce Promotional Products.
Ted's prior start-up company, gForce Systems, was an eLearning pioneer that later became part of SumTotal Systems.
Festival 416: 1 Gone To Carrhue, 2 Bowtime Honcho, 3 Ballymac Celia, 4 Droopys Wilson, 5 Cotswold Flash (m), 6 Gforce Direct (w).
There is high Gforce on pretty much all the corners.
IN the battle against terrorism, the US government has placed its trust in Ben (Galifianakis) and his assistant Marcie (Garner), who oversee a team of specially-trained guinea pigs known as GForce.
Seen in harness with the aural might of a 42-speaker IMAX sound system, the thrust of his action sequences seems to push you backwards into your chair with real Gforce.
The recently-introduced GForce microprocessor control panel keeps refrigeration equipment operators in literal "touch" with their refrigeration systems.
Miss Stockdale and the other contestants -four other women and five men -were subjected to sleep deprivation, extreme Gforce, oxygen starvation linked to memory, co-ordination and endurance tests.