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a small town in southern Pennsylvania

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Battle of Gettsyburg - Lecture at Adult Activity Center.
In mid-July, the secretary of education's Commission on the Future of Higher Education released a draft of a report calling for "a mandatory registry of all American students throughout their collegiate careers--every course, every step, every misstep," observed Katherine Haley Will, president of Gettsyburg College, in a July 23 Washington Post op-ed essay.
Shirk is a graduate of Gettsyburg College, where he serves on the board of trustees.
Serious students will continue looking to the Coddington book for its extensive endnotes and bibliography, but those who want an accurate and lively telling of the story with abundant detail and insightful analysis will find in Sears' Gettsyburg much to their liking.
Press, 1996) ("For Gettsyburg we have an 800-page tome on the first day alone plus two volumes by a single author on the second day totaling 725 pages.