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He was a client-outreach worker at the Infant Mortality Network and enjoyed it, but getting high and making it to work on time didn't mix.
A facade of fantasy replaced that of reality, and nothing else mattered except drinking and getting high.
Police and council officials are targeting a park after reports of gangs of teenagers getting high on drink and drugs.
Getting high school kids to read about science can be a challenge at best.
The three-ton concrete Bar Rustico Montanoso--complete with a selection of liquors and four bar stools--riffs on a Mexico City trend of re-creating "rustic" folk bars for city dwellers, while Resistol 5000, three giant glue cans suspended over fiberglass pools of poured "glue," nods to the resourcefulness of urban teens bent on getting high.
GETTING high at work would be a sackable offence for most people but for these workers it is a necessity.
This is a wonderful book for getting high school and college students to open their minds to unconventional ideas.
Or, as Judy puts it, "When you are on heroin, your whole life is getting high, getting sick, and then doing anything to get more drugs.
Before I started getting high, I had always been the girl who knew right from wrong, and when to say no.
But they did what they did on mom and dad's money, and often they equated changing the world with getting laid or getting high, and a lot of people used the times to exploit others, and a lot of people ended up hurt.
Getting High and Doing Time: What's the Connection takes a look at the connection between incarceration and substance abuse.
The TS design is productive for a wet prime pump, getting high flow capacity with high heads, and is well suited for deep excavation and ground watering dewatering as well as pumping polluted, hot or corrosive wastewater and mining run-off ponds.
As many eager activists at campus literature tables will remind you, the cannabis sativa plant is useful for a lot more than getting high.
Within minutes I was getting high and the world looked a whole lot better.
Getting high output also requires special materials handling to achieve the residence time needed to wet out high loadings of talc or other fillers.