George Bernard Shaw

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British playwright (born in Ireland)

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I think it's more acceptable in society'' to have a child without getting married, she said.
Offering a thoroughly 'user friendly' step-by-step approach to applying sound business concepts to the institution of marriage (such as writing a marital vision statement, crafting detailed job descriptions for husbands and wives, setting up performance apprisal criteria, setting an equitable compensation system within the marriage), "The Business Of Love" is a unique and enthusiastically recommended self-help, self-improvement reference for anyone contemplating getting married, already in a marriage, or seeking to salvage a damaged marriage and prevent divorce.
Young mother Knute and her four-year-old daughter have returned to town to escape the havoc of the big city, but when the mayor enlists Knute for his schemes, she must figure out how to keep the town population down when folks keep getting married, having babies, and more.
Expertly co-authored by the attorneys Ed Sherman and Bruce Janke, The Couples Contract For A Lasting Relationship: For All Couples: Married, Getting Married, Unmarried is an complete and comprehensive guide for creating an everlasting bond between couples of every level.
I don't like long engagements but getting married changes things - and I'm happy with how things are.
Much of the rise is being driven by people getting married later and having more disposable income, the company added.
Jenny's favorite uncle is getting married and everyone's happy--except Jenny--in Lenore Look's Uncle Peter's Amazing Chiense Wedding (0689944591, $16.
And, God bless the 21st century, I'm pretty sure getting married is not on your radar screen at this point.
Kathleen Tough, owner of Chantilly Bride in Sunderland city centre, says more couples than ever are getting married abroad.
When we first heard we would be getting married on the same day as Charles and Camilla we thought 'How rude
Incidentally, we had no trouble getting married in the United Church of Canada, which, like myself, accepts the ethics, but not the theology, bells and whistles of the mainline denominations.
In a society in which weddings are a billion-dollar industry, little girls often grow up to become women who dream about getting married.
One couple hit by the price rise are Elaine Haskins and Jamie Fox who are getting married next May in Bewdley, Worcestershire.
Blacks who are getting married often think, "Our love will take care of everything," says Glinda Bridgforth, president of Bridgforth Financial Management Group in Oakland, Calif.