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In this job market, who isn't worried about getting laid off?
After getting laid off from his job on a Southern California auto magazine, Walters turned to soda machine memorabilia to make a living full time.
Even getting laid off recently from a job as a computer salesman didn't faze him.
are getting laid every night while their wives wait in watching re-runs of Sex and the City.
There are lots of songs about getting laid, but maybe this would actually be useful.
Getting drunk and getting laid, it's like you give up so much in doing that.
Edgar's humiliation in the business world turned into many people getting laid off.
It is ironic that I will be getting laid in cement and Tiger's golf ball will be whizzing by our heads, on Hollywood Boulevard, of all places
Everyone is getting laid off, so how appropriate is it to have extravagant events?
If the people who are producing that are getting laid off, it's really a tragedy for both.
They don't have a band leader, they're bi-lingual and, as Ulises puts it: "We don't go on about getting laid in our songs".
But for same-sex binational couples, such as Leslie Bulbuk, 38, and her Brazilian girlfriend, Marta Donayre, 32, getting laid off means much more than just losing a job.
From what I've seen, if people are getting laid off at their job, or they simply can't afford to buy a new computer, they need to repair the computer they have.
He's a cruel, selfish man who, not content with getting laid by a prostitute, then cynically turned his betrayal of Lise to his commercial advantage.
This generation is very focused on their future and not necessarily getting laid," agreed Washington, DC-based sex educator Yvonne Fulbright.