get down

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  • verb

Synonyms for get down

lower (one's body) as by kneeling

Related Words

move something or somebody to a lower position

pass through the esophagus as part of eating or drinking

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Having begun his career in the Hip Hop culture, DJ Getdown quickly diversified his style which quickly produced hundreds of remixes.
SAVE OF MATCH: Robinson getdown and across to touch away Jarosik flick at near post WE took on the team in fourth position and anyone who walked into the ground would not have known who was at the top of the league and who was at the bottom STEVE BRUCE
Tradition of Douglass of David Walker Garner Turner Tubman of ragers yeh ragers (of Kings, & Counts, & Dukes of Satchelmouths & SunRa's of Bessies & Billies & Sassys & Ma's Musical screaming Niggers yeh tradition of Brown Wells & Brown Sterling & Brown Clifford of H Rap and H Box Black Baltimore sister blues antislavery singers countless funky blind folks & oneleg country beboppers bottleneck in the guitarneck dudes whispering thrashing cakewalking raging ladies & gents getdown folks, elegant as skywriting tradition (Reader 303)
Pepper'' and Michael Jackson's ``Bad,'' the guys don doctors' jackets for ``It Makes Me Ill,'' duds festooned with dollar signs for ``Just Got Paid'' and glow-in-the-dark technogarb for ``Digital Getdown.
Alongside DJ Getdown will be singer Eri On, who will be performing hits such as Let Me Ride and Futuristic Super Heroes.