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a common disorder in which blood pressure remains abnormally high (a reading of 140/90 mm Hg or greater)

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Infants born before 37 weeks' gestation to women experiencing gestational hypertension weighed, on average, 190-434 g less than those born before 37 weeks to normotensive women; in multivariate analyses, the average difference ranged from 55 g to 485 g.
Confidence intervals for risk estimates also were wide, and physicians used clinical judgment when applying accepted diagnostic criteria for gestational hypertension and preeclampsia.
Induction of labor versus expectant monitoring for gestational hypertension or mild preeclampsia after 36 weeks of gestation (HYPITAT): A multicenter, open-label randomized controlled trial.
However, treatment did lower birth weight and resulted in a 50% reduction in macrosomia, as well as lower neonatal fat mass, rates of shoulder dystocia, cesarean delivery, preeclampsia, and gestational hypertension.
By detecting complications early and monitoring for signs and symptoms of preeclampsia and then hospitalizing her if you detect severe gestational hypertension, fetal growth restriction, or recurrent preeclampsia--you can ensure optimal outcomes.
The primary outcomes were gestational hypertension, pre-eclampsia, GDM and fetal macrosomia.
Furthermore, the authors also found that when combined with gestational diabetes (diabetes only associated with pregnancy, a known risk factor for later diabetes), preeclampsia or gestational hypertension were linked to a further rise in the rate of future diabetes over and above the 13-fold increase resulting from gestational diabetes alone.
The effects of exposure to particulate matter and neighbourhood deprivation on gestational hypertension.
DOHA TO cater to the needs of women who develop diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy, the Women's Hospital will open two new clinics for gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension soon.
Hypertensive disorders such as gestational hypertension and preeclampsia in pregnancy can have a major impact on the health of the mother and baby and are risk factors for death.
Sleep-related breathing problem associated with serious, expensive conditions like preeclampsia, gestational hypertension
No subjects develop preeclampsia, gestational hypertension or other diseases that could interfere with participation in the exercise program.
In addition to being useful in the prediction of preeclampsia before the onset of clinical symptoms, angiogenic factors may also prove useful in diagnosing the disease and in distinguishing it from other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, such as gestational hypertension and chronic hypertension.
Another question is whether calcium supplementation during pregnancy can reduce the risk of gestational hypertension and/or preclampsia.
These include chronic hypertension, gestational hypertension, preeclampsia/eclampsia, and superimposed preeclampsia/eclampsia, a condition defined as chronic hypertension complicated by preeclampsia/eclampsia (2-4).
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