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a configuration or pattern of elements so unified as a whole that it cannot be described merely as a sum of its parts

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I assume with gestalt theory that the whole is a system that determines the character of its parts; the different wholes bestow different characters on the same parts.
A number of theories and a model are available, including Gestalt theory (Wertheimer 1938), Olson's hierarchical model of map-reading (Olson 1976), Marr's theory of visual processing (Marr 1982), and Pinker's theory of graph comprehension (Pinker 1990).
THE CONTEXT FROM WHICH Gianni Colombo (1937-1993) emerged was that of late-'50s Milan, where, after the period of art informel, artists were attempting to make work that reflected new ideas about how we perceive time and space, drawing not only on the legacy of Futurism but also on Gestalt theory and scientific studies.
Gestalt theory also comes into play when clients are invited to explore where blocked energy can show up in the body.
Chapter 5 is a critical analysis by Ken Smith that uses Gestalt theory to examine perception and the newspaper page.
To describe the human visual perception, Wertheimer provided some principles under its Gestalt Theory (Wertheimer, 1923a;b; Koffka, 1935; Rock, 2001).
Gestalt Theory, Available from: http://gestalttheory.
Cognitive semantics proposes a paradigm that revives theories of descriptive psychology developed at the beginning of this century: Gestalt theory and experimentation (see Lakoft, 1977).
Although the primary emphasis, here, is placed on the intriguing parallels between DPM and Gestalt theory (Perls, 1969), mental health counselors identifying with a behavioral (Wilson, 2000), person-centered (Rogers, 1980), or Jungian (Douglas, 2000) framework may find DPM concepts useful in their work with bereaved clients.