Gestalt psychology

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(psychology) a theory of psychology that emphasizes the importance of configurational properties

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Principles of Gestalt Psychology, Lund Humphries, ASIN B0014OIW0G, London
Principles of gestalt psychology and their application to teaching junior high school science.
His wife, Laura, was also instrumental in including many Gestalt psychology and existential-phenomenological principles into Gestalt therapy including the idea of the foreground and background of perception and experience and the concept of incomplete gestalts.
Perhaps the most interesting implications for the investigation of visual communication derive from Gestalt psychology and neurophysiology.
In a previous essay, we have detailed the relationship between Interaction theory and Gestalt psychology, demonstrating that the very qualities of a metaphor which are stressed by Interaction theorists enable the study of metaphor to fall within the scope of a Gestalt-oriented cognitive psychology.
The duck-rabbit is a familiar symbol in Gestalt psychology and can look like one or other animal depending on your inclination.
The people practices that have evolved in Silicon Valley over the past 20 years come closer to a kind of corporate gestalt psychology than any other management philosophy I have ever encountered.
The existential-phenomenological approach, with its connection to gestalt psychology with emphasis on the ethical empathic role of the researcher, has been delineated in an expanded series of articles (Valle & Halling, 1989; Valle, 1998) first published as Existential-Phenomenological Alternatives for Psychology (Valle & King, 1978).
In his 1929 book Gestalt Psychology, Wolfgang Kohler described a classic experiment that uncovered a striking consistency in the names people picked for two abstract drawings.