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(psychology) a theory of psychology that emphasizes the importance of configurational properties

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Another reason the gestalt effect seems likely is that many of the same people probably made or oversaw many of the administrative decisions for the different statutes.
Scientific uncertainly also invites the gestalt effect.
Four types of observations support the possibility that the gestalt effect actually occurred: instances when the NMFS appeared to weigh other information in its analysis than that mentioned for the record, procedural imports between statutes, congruity in activity levels and in shifts of discretionary activity under different statutes, and gestalt language.
Most likely, therefore, the weighing of information not in the record suggests public analysis to fit private conclusions and the consideration of inappropriate factors indicative of the gestalt effect.
Gell, though, emphasizes more strongly the cultural interpretations which are used by social agents to harness the effect of 'mild disturbances' in the perceptual field where Morphy had argued that the Gestalt effects of bir'yun are efficacious in their own right, if still conceptualized in a specific modality.