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Swiss naturalist who was one of the founders of modern zoology (1516-1565)

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It is also a travelogue in which David Gessner visits the Western locations that inspired the two men, from Canada to Utah to California.
Gessner later told reporters that his initial attempt involved him crawling halfway across the ice but was eventually submerged in water after the ice broke from under him.
It is undeniable that some such shift did occur, but the chapter structure, which singles out Cardano, Gessner, and Aldrovandi as representatives of Renaissance natural history, exaggerates its extent.
With limited resources but boundless enthusiasm, Gessner follows osprey during their yearly migration cycle from Cape Cod, down the East Coast, over Cuba, into South America, and back.
Gessner BD, Reproductive health, criminal activity, and abuse among 10 to 15-year old females enrolled in Medicaid, Obstetrics & Gynecology, 2006, 108(1): 111-118
FiberMark Gessner, a global supplier of automotive and vac bag filter media as well as a manufacturer of backing papers for coated abrasives and adhesive tapes, has added a laminator to its technical capabilities.
Author David Gessner had always known of John Hay, who was his hero; but he only befriended the older naturalist when he returned to his childhood home on Cape Cod.
SrA Gessner was performing the A-man position for hot-pit operations to support a 389 AMU sortie surge.
Jonathan Ruffin kicked three field goals for Thunder who had touchdowns through Montique Sharpe, on an interception, Chas Gessner, on a 60-yard completion, and MVP Eric McCoo,on a 60-yard run.
Project Room: BLUE - Monika Merva, Jason Scott Gessner, Zandy Mangold Gallery II: Gallery & Guest Artists/Group Show
The jury comprised five experts within the packaging industry: Nathalie Scieux, Packaging Buyer from Auchan based in France; Simon King, Managing Director of PCI Films Consulting based in the UK; Werner Gessner, Head of International Operations and Business Development for SIG, based in Switzerland; Julian Carroll, Director of the European Organisation for Packaging in the Environment, based in Belgium; Fabrice Pettier, President of PRFrance packaging design agency based in France.
James Bailey, Roger Tassell, Dietmar Gessner and Peter Wragg; Debra Cross, Larry Cross and Ashley Stapleton; Marco Molinari and Mark Foster; Ron Pike, Mike Roney and Bob Hall
He then enters the information into the controller, which marks the boards with chalk lines signifying their grade determination," explains Bob Gessner plant manager.
Architects like Gessner, Schmid, Aichinger and Ehn, the majority trained in Otto Wagner's school, established a new typology for working class tenements designed around generous courts which came to exemplify the practical benefits of socialism.
Further, O'Donnell, Cooper, Gessner, Shehan and Ashley (1981) found that 62% of their subjects were identified as having alcohol or drug related injuries.