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Swiss naturalist who was one of the founders of modern zoology (1516-1565)

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The fact that Gesner had before him a copy that apparently contained only the second book with the four-voice motets makes it clear that the two parts were in some cases sold separately.
Gesner 1599, xlvii-xlviii; Topsell 1608, 245; Chomel 1778, 3053; Fiedler 1790, 133; Goeze 1797, 190; Bechstein 1801, 304; Sonnini 1801/1802, 42; Anonymous 1817, 261-2; Behlen 1826, 598; Cuvier 1844, 363; Froriep 1858, 221; Winkler 1868, 359; Brehm 1896/99, 68.
13) Gesner (1516-65), author of On Fossil Objects (1565), suggested that the "natural magic" of fossils was an essential reason for thinking about fossils, to delve into their hidden affinities and what this revealed about the ontological analogy between man and the universe (Rudwick, 1972, pages 18-21).
John Gesner, counsel for Front Burner Restaurants, said changes to the tax code will benefit retailers and business owners who have been forced to incorporate a full bar in their restaurants to keep up with competitors.
This software simplified every process in my office and it keeps getting better," says Nathan Gesner of American West Realty & Management.
Gesner Jeremy/ Plymouth #401 Harmony M Simon & Kaplan/ Plymouth N.
Nella ricostruzione offerta vengono accostati i nomi del Berni del Dialogo contra i poeti, del Caro, di Lilio Gregorio Giraldi, dello stesso Lando della Sferza, in un certo senso del Doni della Libreria: tutto questo, osserva Figorilli, negli stessi anni nei quali si andava, per altro verso, costituendo il genere bibliografico con il Gesner, la cui Bibliotheca universalis e del 1545.
Angst needs a break in the program, so we choose the characters Schroeder and Lucy to play out a scene from the Clark Gesner musical, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.
Part II, "Circulation," deals with various ways readers managed or were helped to manage the vast corpus of Augustine's writings, such as the bibliographies by Trimethius, Gesner, and Possevino, various indexes, and the selection of commonplaces, all of which were guided in their formation by confessional interests.
Among the topics are Marcon's B List and A List, the Pulcherrimi and Marcus Musurus, Conrad Gesner and San Zanipolo, and the Tomasini List.
Some of these workers became the great bibliographers of science, scholars like Gesner and Haller.
According to Conrad von Gesner, the Rosmarus was as big as an elephant.
Archaeologist Peter Gesner is to visit Orkney to track down relatives of the mutineers and their captors.
Junto a todas estos titulos, aparecen otros muchos de autores conocidisimos como es el caso de: Conrad Gesner (Opera botanica, Nuremberg 1751-1759, 2 volumenes), Albrecht von Haller (Elementa physiologiae corporis humani, Lausannae 1757-1777, 8 volumenes), o Carl von Linne (Materi medica per regna tria naturae secundum genera differentias synonima loca durationes culturas .