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Swiss naturalist who was one of the founders of modern zoology (1516-1565)

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Brightware helps make it easier for our customers to get the answers they need on matters which impact their financial well-being," said Gesner.
TD Bank Steve Gesner, 416/982-5088 Associate Vice President Alternate Delivery Channels or TD Bank Keith Bark, 416/982-2666 Systems Manager Alternate Delivery Channels
Phil Horowitz, Jerry Moore, Larry Gesner, Grier Hoyt and the others not only bring with them important new clients, but they round out major elements of our practice, particularly in finance, corporate, land use and development.
On a nifty 1-on-2 break at center ice, L'Ecuyer cut through a pair of Blue Devil defenders before slipping the puck past eighth-grade netminder Aaron Gesner at 10:41, giving Fitchburg a 5-3 lead.
Playing for the MVOC Heroes were Gardner Mayor Mark Hawke, Johann Pond, Dillon Hammond, Andrew Bergeron, Rick Ouellette, Matt Arsenault, Andrew Savard, Mike Bergeron, Eric O'Reilly, Keith Cormier, Matt Bettez, Paul Cormier, Ken Bergeron and Charlie Gesner.
43) The model for Michaelis' project was the German classicists Johann Matthias Gesner and Christian Gottlob Heyne's wholesale transformation of Classical studies.
Other physicians were prominent in business, including Abraham Gesner (1797-1864), the Canadian father of the petroleum industry, and ArmandHammer (1898-1990), an entrepreneur, diplomat, and philanthropist.
For example, sketch-artist Langley Fox, Ernest Hemingway's great-great-granddaughter, is featured in her own Los Angeles home working on an illustration project, and later spending time with her best friends; Tom Brady, who typically appears in UGG campaigns crafted specifically for him, will be integrated into "THIS IS UGG," in moments together with his mother and father; and California architect Harry Gesner with his son and grandsons who share a lifelong love of the ocean, surf the Malibu coast in a nod to UGG's surfing roots.
Despite its special character, however, the lead pencil--which contained no lead but the mineral variously called "English antimony", "plumbago", "kellow", or "wadd"--at first wrapped in paper or string but now ingeniously enclosed in wood, was not in common use for at least a hundred years after the naturalist Conrad Gesner pictured it in his 1565 treatise on fossils (104v).
Professional skateboarder-turned-clothing designer Eli Morgan Gesner has written the script and will direct the movie, which is slated to begin filming in New York in April.
When Abraham Gesner began his Geological Survey of New Brunswick in 1838 he noted sixteen kilns in operation along a four-mile stretch of the Saint John River near Green Head Island, 'The Narrows' (Gesner 1839, p.
The five great naturalists of the sixteenth century: Belon, Rondelet, Salviani, Gesner and Aldrovandi: A chapter in the history of ichthyology.
John Gesner, counsel for Front Burner Restaurants, said changes to the tax code will benefit retailers and business owners who have been forced to incorporate a full bar in their restaurants to keep up with competitors.
This software simplified every process in my office and it keeps getting better," says Nathan Gesner of American West Realty & Management.
Nella ricostruzione offerta vengono accostati i nomi del Berni del Dialogo contra i poeti, del Caro, di Lilio Gregorio Giraldi, dello stesso Lando della Sferza, in un certo senso del Doni della Libreria: tutto questo, osserva Figorilli, negli stessi anni nei quali si andava, per altro verso, costituendo il genere bibliografico con il Gesner, la cui Bibliotheca universalis e del 1545.