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(Greek mythology) a mythical monster with three heads that was slain by Hercules

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Buried in waves coming from Cocytus, or in turbid and black water, thus he depicts the demon Geryon.
Dante reiterates in his geometric poetics in Malebolge the same point he had already made in staking his truth claim for the poem in conjunction with the appearance of his ostentatiously fictional symbol of fraud, the monster Geryon, an exemplary invention of Dante's art, which is "quasi nepote" to God's [almost God's grandchild (Inferno 11.
The Geryon chipset integrates four full-rate VDSL ports and supports a full 4-band VDSL transceiver for CO/ONU applications.
a leader in providing high performance broadband access chipsets, once again proves its leadership by introducing the world's first quad full-rate Ethernet over VDSL device - the Geryon.
As just mentioned, in the summoning of Geryon scene, Musa correctly points out that there is no need to ascribe to supernatural powers Virgil's awareness of the pilgrim's anxious wondering about what will appear.
Geryon, a red-winged cattle herder now known as G, and his former lover, Heracles, a war veteran now known as Sad, drive by car with their madcap artist friend, Ida, through a surrealistically glacial landscape studded with ice mountains like "panels of torn planet" and replete with ice bats "the size of toasters" on a journey that includes stops at a body shop and a psychiatric clinic.
the Hydra (the many-headed monster), Geryon (a monster with three bodies and three heads), Diomed (a tyrant who fed his horses human flesh and was punished by Hercules with being fed to his horses), and Stymphalides (carnivorous birds sometimes confused with Harpies).
3), thus adopting Dante's own description of Geryon from Inferno 16 as "quel ver c'ha faccia di menzogna," which critics have seen as a definition of the Commedia itself (Barolini, The Undivine Comedy 58-67).
His introduction considers such matters as the Geryon myth in the Archaic period, performance, the Geryoneis as a choral song, metre, and the order of fragments.
4) Red is obviously the dominant motif in Carson's novel in verse, and its red protagonist Geryon identifies with the molten lava of the volcanoes he visits.
red crab, Geryon quinquedens; and monkfish, Lophius americanus, decreasing landings) reflect a fishery characterized by large vessels and large, but decreasing, landings of sea scallops, large groundfish, skates, red crab, and monkfish.
Yellow gives way to red; Van Gogh to the writer-photographer Geryon.
The streak Geryon, noticeable in 2001, was much fainter.
The epibiotic assemblage of Geryon longipes (Crustacea: Decapoda: Geryonidae) from the southern Adriatic Sea.
This case for the continuity of the Spanish monarchy from the Visigoths to the present, hence its antiquity, crystallized by the end of the fifteenth century into an unyielding position that located Spanish origins in classical antiquity and Biblical myth: Hercules, Geryon, Tartessos, the Fortunate Isles, Noah and Tubal.