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experimental expatriate United States writer (1874-1946)


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Toklas, and acquaintance of Gertrude Stein, she recounts her encounters with that bohemian circle in early 20th century Paris.
Readers new to Gertrude Stein or devoted to her life and works should own and enjoy both of Linda Simon's volumes.
Linda Wagner-Martin states unequivocally in Favored Strangers: Gertrude Stein and her Family (1995) that Stein's portrait of the two women "featured the sly repetition of the word gay, used with sexual intent for one of the first times in linguistic history.
Peterson explores the impact of African American culture and musical traditions on the works of Gertrude Stein.
Like one of his heroes, Gertrude Stein, Galati continues his thoughts in a poetry of repetition: "It's a mystery.
cummings' Him, Beckett's Waiting for Godot, works by Gertrude Stein staged by the Wooster Group, John Millington Synge's The Playboy of the Western World, Martin McDonagh's The Pillowman, Brecht's The Caucasian Chalk Circle, and the work of Jane Harrison.
When Gertrude Stein moved to Baltimore as a teenager, she met the Cones, who possibly were distant relatives, and her role model became Dr.
From Felicie Bernstein, who imported French Impressionism to Berlin, to Berta Zuckerkandl, journalist-midwife of the Vienna Secession; from Ada Leverson and Genevieve Straus, who reigned over Belle Epoque aesthetes in London and Paris, to Gertrude Stein and her Cubists; from the Stettheimer sisters in New York to Salka Viertel's emigre circle in Hollywood, vivacious Jewesses fertilized the flowers of modern culture with conversation and contacts.
It is a separate, for-profit spin-off of the Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre, whose mission is to explore applications of digital technology to the theatre.
The Flowers of Friendship: Letters Written to Gertrude Stein.
Strong, melody-driven rock with great harmonies and lyrics that namecheck Gertrude Stein, among others, make this album by Scottish foursome Idlewild a delight.
His warmly written text is complemented and supported by numerous insightful quotations, poems, and tidbits from such notables as Andy Goldsworthy, Lao Tsu, Thoreau, Franz Marc, Annie Dillard, Gertrude Stein, Paul Klee, and many more.
It is truly one of those north American destinations where, on arrival you find, as Gertrude Stein remarked (of her home-town, Oakland), that 'there's no there there'.
His works range from small, intimate sketches of friends and relatives to large, three-dimensional depictions of such cultural icons as Sarah Bernhardt, Pablo Picasso, Mae West, Jackson Pollock, Gertrude Stein, and Elvis Presley.