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English actress (1898-1952)


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This show needs a strong Liza (a compelling Gertrude Lawrence in the original), so Elizabeth Beeler's spirited domination of the TOT production was appropriate.
Noel Coward once worked for him, as did Bob Hope, Beatrice Lillie and Gertrude Lawrence.
Coward himself and Gertrude Lawrence originally played the jilting, battling duo.
Despite appearances by stars like Tallulah Bankhead, Robert Cummings, Gertrude Lawrence and Beatrice Lillie, the theater's first real success was not until 1925 with Channing Pollock's The Enemy.
Gertrude Lawrence, a famous British motion picture actress, signs "short-snorter" bills for her admirers after giving a performance in the Commander in Chief Pacific Headquarters' Open Air Theater in Guam.
With that solemn vow, she was offered the lease for Suite 914, where she remained for half a century representing such film and theatrical legends as Gertrude Lawrence and Noel Coward.
Indeed, when stars like Ina Claire and Gertrude Lawrence appeared in a Coco Chanel design or Irene Castle, of the famous Broadway dancing couple, bobbed her hair, it was big fashion news.
Sarasota first discovered her in her one-woman shows at the Paradise Care ("I wanted it to be as much like an old-fashioned cabaret act as possible") but I don't think we recognized her genius until her portrayal of Gertrude Lawrence in "Noel and Gertie.
How different this (and indeed the whole history of the musical) might have been if Coward had accepted the invitation to star opposite Gertrude Lawrence as the King in The King and I
In the 1945-46 theater season, a splendid revival of Pygmalion survived only a few months, despite great performances by Gertrude Lawrence as Eliza and Melville Cooper as Doolittle, while a decade later My Fair Lady reigned as the smash hit of the era.
And among those with an overnight bag was Gertrude Lawrence, protege of Noel Coward, and international superstar of stage and screen.
As far back as 1913, barely a year after the theatre opened its doors, it was the scene of the first collaboration between a very young Noel Coward and Gertrude Lawrence.
Only the other day, I was doing a cabaret concert and was talking about how Gershwin wrote songs for singers like Gertrude Lawrence and Petula Clarke.
A It was written by Noel Coward for his stage show Private Lives in 1930 in which he duetted with Gertrude Lawrence.
1951: The King And I was performed on Broadway for the first time, starring Yul Brynner as the king and Gertrude Lawrence as Anna.