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United States lyricist who frequently collaborated with his brother George Gershwin (1896-1983)


United States composer who incorporated jazz into classical forms and composed scores for musical comedies (1898-1937)

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Writer-pianist Hershey Felder had placed an exclamation point on "George Gershwin Alone," his tribute to the life and musical stylings of Gershwin with a commanding rendition of "Rhapsody in Blue.
Combining careful examination of the sources in the Bernstein archive with the version that the musician eventually recorded (with particular cuts) shows the Rhapsody and Gershwin as central controlling ideas in Bernstein's musical consciousness.
The Gershwin work was premiered by the New York Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall in New York on December 3, 1925, and featured the composer as the soloist.
Continue reading "Billy Joel Honored With Library of Congress George Gershwin Prize" at.
The concert was billed as a Gershwin and Bernstein Gala, and if it had been a competition Bernstein would probably have won on points.
Gershwin admits that this is the first time she's ever seen or encountered anything like it.
That observation led to a segment of Gershwin songs associated with Astaire, including a sprightly "Lady Be Good,'' a mocking version of "Who's Got the Last Laugh Now,'' and a breathy interpretation of "They Can't Take That Away from Me.
This is actually a companion CD for a fascinating book in which Michael Feinstein recounts his long and heartfelt friendship and collaboration with Ira Gershwin, while also celebrating the extraordinary legacy of the Gershwin brothers.
The duo is working with the Gershwin family and the estate of lyricist DuBose Heyward to develop the project.
classic songs by George and Ira Gershwin that still play in our heads at the very mention of their titles.
Of all America's great composers, George Gershwin (1898-1937) is surely among the greatest.
CHESTER Musicals, which includes several members from Wrexham and Buckley, stages a Gershwin classic this month, Crazy For You, at the Brindley Centre in Runcorn.
Since 1973 when Charles Schwartz's deconstructionist biography of Gershwin hit the shelves, we have witnessed a number of widely varying approaches that range from Joan Peyser's psychoanalytical study, to Howard Pollack's 820-page scholarly biography.