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Gerris, "Child-rearing measures: Convergent and discriminant validity," Eur.
La consideracion por separado de la percepcion mantenida sobre madres y padres es una aportacion de este trabajo debido a la cada vez mayor importancia concedida a la figura del padre en la crianza y socializacion de los hijos (Hoeve, Dubas, Gerris, van der Laan y Smeenk, 2011; McKinney y Renk, 2008; Rodriguez, Pena y Torio, 2009).
Quanto mais baixa e a escolaridade dos pais, maiores serao as suas dificuldades na organizacao de um pensamento complexo e na estruturacao de uma comunicacao clara (Dekovic & Gerris, 1992).
After dancing "The 5th Element" choreographed by Marco Gerris, the group dance, and the final duel against
A more detailed analysis of the impact of such a sliding mass that enters the water along a sloping coast is performed in [38], using physical experiments and Lagrangian and Eulerian numerical models SPHysics and Gerris.
The reference specimen were identified morphologically at the Kenya National Museums in Nairobi as Micrivelia sp (Veliidae), Hydrometra sp (Hydrometridae), Anisops debilis, Gerst (Notonectidae), Gerris hypolence, Gerst (Gerridae) and Hydrovatus cribratus, Sharp (Dytiscidae).
Support for the association of parental warmth/responsivity with children's empathy can be gleaned from research and theory in a number of related areas: Theoretical perspectives shows that children rearing correlates with pro-social and moral development; Parental warmth/responsivity is hypothesized to promote children's empathy and pro-social behavior because it gives children feelings of security, control, and trust in the environment, which would minimize self-concern and leave room to consider and respond to others' feelings (Hoffman, 1982; Janssen and Gerris, 1992; Radke-Yarrow, Zahn-waxler, and Chapman, 1983; Staub, 1979).
De Brock AJ, Vermulst AA, Gerris JRM and Abidin RR, Nijmeegse Ouder Stress Index, Lisse: Swets & Zeitlinger, 1992
However, this does not mean that the Family--Work interface is always negative; however, it is the one that has been less researched (Crouter, 1984) and it is the study thereof the one that would allow to understand the work--family conflict (T-F) (Frone et al, 1997, 2003; Greenberger & O'Neil, 1990; Gutek et al, 1991; Kinnunen & Gerris, 1996; Spitze, 1988).
Por otro lado, la capacidad de regular las emociones no termina de madurar hasta el final de esta etapa y comienzos de la adultez joven (Branje, Van Lieshout y Gerris, 2007; Eccles et al.
Members of this subfamily are among the most frequently encountered water striders throughout the world, and include the three principal northern temperate genera Gerris Fabricius, 1794 (incl.