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the process whereby seeds or spores sprout and begin to grow

the origin of some development

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2] had cited that the henbane seeds have a low germination rate under normal laboratory conditions and to break dormancy in his study, he had treated henbane seeds in GA3 (250mg/l) for 48h and after 3 days, 90% of seeds germinated.
The germination rate was higher in treatments with longer periods of cold stratification.
If the germination rate of seeds must be over 85 percent, in order to produce an adequate quantity of sprouts, then the results were usually less than satisfactory.
Pina-Rodrigues and Lopes (2001) observed that the extracts of Mimosa caesalpiniaefolia Benth did not affect the germination percentage but did reduce the germination rate of "ipe amarelo" (Tabebuia alba (Cham.
Table 1 Genotype, environment, and GxE effects on germination rate and seedling survival for Z.
According to Funk, each bag of Funk Seed will provide warm and cold germination rates, trait purity, genetic purity and vigor testing.
This matter shows the difference between different levels of salinity stress in different germination indexes such as germination percentage, germination rate, mean time to germination, normal seedling percentage, rootled and shoot length, seed vigor and the dry weight of seedling, duration to 5 [D05], 10 [D10], 20 [D20] percent germination and proline.
Other features of HAGA's new survival seed pack include a germination rate of over 85%.
Placing seed flats on top of a bottom heat source optimizes the germination rate while promoting steady growth.
In general, any cultivar among different cultivars which has higher germination indices particularly germination percentage, germination rate, seedling length, and proline content is more tolerant of unfavorable environmental conditions.
The following spring, (spring '97 after a 1995 harvest) it is called a "year-off" and it is cheaper to purchase as seed as the germination rate is lower.
For the more their knowledge of weed management and population density of seeds starts in soil seed bank and this way of the conditioning, soil, water and oxygen relations, soil salinity conditions, the seeds of a dry or wet the major elements are considered in management of ecological [6], Significant differences are between the old seeds and old artificially seeds in reduced the germination percentage and slower germination rate in old seeds [24], Although much research has been implemented on the degradation effect on seed germination but their effect on the germination of seed deterioration under environmental stresses, few studies have been done.
Ultimate evaluations of germination rate, length, dry weight of rootlet and stem let of Sorghum bicolor grains, were carried out on the basis of ISTA.
There are many ways in which survival seeds are packaged and sold today and many of these methods actually harm the seeds and will cause them not to grow at all or will lessen the germination rate at which the seeds produce.