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seventh month of the Revolutionary calendar (March and April)

containing seeds of later development

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How could Judge Rico Sebastian Liwanag, who acquitted Germinal, and Judge Cristina Javalera-Sulit, who allowed the accused to post bail on the murder charge, have missed those angles?
Quantitative Assessment for Interstitial Lymphoid Aggregates and Germinal Centers
Key words: Cadmium, Cinnamon, Testes, Toxicity, Germinal epithelium, Johnson's score.
Examination of the testes: In order to characterize morphological changes, testicular germ and somatic structures for each fish, the diameter of 20 seminiferous tubules (Dst) and the height of the germinal epithelium (Hge) were measured, and the gonadosomatic index GSI = WG/WT(100) and the gonad volume gV = 4/3 [pi]a2.
PAS-Iron Haematoxylin-stained 5mm thick testicular sections in Group A animals showed that seminiferous tubules had even diameters within the section, lined by stratified germinal epithelium with intact basement membrane.
Permite ampliar nociones sobre la anatomia de la matriz germinal y la intima relacion de esta con las estructuras adyacentes y tejidos circundantes lo que resulta fundamental de conocer para poder realizar una intervencion quirurgica de la una y el dedo, necesaria para tratar una gran variedad de problemas que afecten a la zona, y de esta forma evitar la deformidad permanente en la una como consecuencia de la cirugia.
Esta posibilidad de modificar la linea germinal (cambiar los genes de forma que puedan heredarse de una generacion a otra) ha causado honda preocupacion en un grupo de cientificos y una gran expectativa en los empresarios de companias de ingenieria genetica, que esperan grandes ganancias.
Teratomas are composed of derivatives of all three germinal layers, arranged in haphazard manner.
The histopathologic analysis revealed that MDV causes the loss of germinal follicular centers within the CT of the resistant line and induces a severe, near-total lymphoid depletion in the susceptible line during cytolytic infection.
The menacing Germinal #2, 1953, composed of three modular pods and crowned by petals, recalls both Brancusi's Endless Column and a carnivorous plant, a Venus flytrap ready to swallow any insect dumb enough to be ensnared by it.
Eduardo Febles does this skillfully in Explosive Narratives, by analyzing the "literary function" of the forgotten terrorist figure of the Belle Epoque anarchist in three of Zolas novels, Germinal (1885), Paris (1898) and Travail (1901).
Antibodies to this protein stain the germinal center cells in lymphoid follicles, follicular cells, and interfollicular cells in follicular lymphoma, large B-cell lymphomas, and Burkitt's lymphoma, and the majority of the Reed-Sternberg cells in nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin's disease.
Dos caracteristicas que reune la firma de Carlos Amorales y que la curadora Magnolia de la Garza evidencia en la muestra denominada Germinal.
Wanyama is not pushing for a transfer out of Glasgow but the potential profit level could leave Celtic with little option - having paid just PS900,000 to land the Kenyan two years ago from Belgian side Germinal Beerschot.