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an agent (as heat or radiation or a chemical) that destroys microorganisms that might carry disease

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Moreover, the use of oral methylene blue as a urinary germicide is no longer recommended.
Further studies should look for the efficacy of some other more efficacious means such as use of chemical germicides or more vigorous flushing or combinations of both in order to improve water quality in dental units as per CDC recommendations.
Urinary germicides include cinoxacin (Cinobac) [C], methenamine [C], nalidixic acid (NegGram) [C], and nitrofurantoin (Macrodantin) [B].
Natural materials do not contain any germicides and are subject to mildew, mold and rot if not properly dried between uses.
The company has already developed world leading natural germicides for sanitary waste and environmentally sensitive products for treating waste generated on board ships.
Components include hospital-grade germicides and disinfectants, procedures to prevent germ and pathogen transport, and color-coded microfiber cloths and flat mops to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
Investigators then conducted an experiment to see whether two quaternary ammonium-based germicides commonly used in health care settings could eliminate bacterial contamination on keyboards and keyboard covers.
Germicides such as quaternary ammonium chlorides and phenolics such as para-chloro-meta-xylenol have been used in deodorant formulas as the active ingredient.
However, most of the health care settings, including dental offices, also use a number of detergents, germicides, and other chemicals that can also induce and exacerbate allergenic conditions and play a role in the development of occupational asthma (Petsonk 2002; Preller et al.
Efforts to prevent disease transmission will boost growth opportunities for disinfectants and germicides in health care, industrial and other markets.
Studies done in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s with other agents found that Bacillus atrophaeus was slightly more resistant to germicides than anthrax.
Research from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s showed that Bacillus atrophaeus was slightly more resistant to germicides than Bacillus anthracis, which is good news for the researchers--if they can kill Bacillus atrophaeus, they can kill the organism that causes anthrax and prevent its spread.
Several further-reaching strategies could be used to prevent future outbreaks, including testing animals before letting them onto the fairgrounds, treating fairgrounds facilities with germicides, a partial-to-complete ban of animals from the fairgrounds, or completely separating humans and animal exhibits, Wong said.
An hypothesis was formed stating that the antiseptic solutions chosen would be more effective as antibacterial agents than the germicides chosen, because they would hinder the bacterial mutation.
Hydrogen peroxide is used in bleach and germicides and causes serious inflammation of the skin Hydrogen peroxide with a concentration of 6% or higher is designated as an unstable substance.