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a morbid fear of dirt or contamination

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Immediately, messy Olive regrets her decision, as obsessively clean germaphobe and hypochondriac Florence begins to drive Olive to distraction.
OCD is far more complex than the pop culture image of a germaphobe who washes their hands too much or someone who checks repeatedly to make sure they locked the front door.
We also meet 30-year-old Richard Pugh, who admits he hasn't cleaned his flat since he moved in four years ago - so that should give 53-year-old germaphobe Michele Murray plenty to work with.
AD I've been accused of being a germaphobe ever since I was a kid.
After 40-plus years you learn who you are; I'm a bit paranoid, I've become a bit of a germaphobe because of how easy it is to get a throat infection.
Just over a decade ago, Howard Hughes, a noted germaphobe, was considered strange, Granted he took his obsession to the level of reclusiveness, but even today, how often do we pull out small bottles of antibacterial cleansers to disinfect our hands before eating or after touching a doorknob?
Star magazine claims that Gwyneth Paltrow brings her own hairbrush to salons and never uses public restrooms; the actress' flack denies she's a germaphobe.
They'll say you're a germaphobe, but don't listen to them.
While some are crap and give a germaphobe like me nightmares, these days most are a delightful high-tech experience.
I know I must sound like a germaphobe, but it sure beats getting sick.
l Use a lavender blend like Daniele Ryman's Asleep, pounds 6, to help you snooze - spray it on bed linen beforehand so you associate it with sleep l Steal a trick from germaphobe Denise Richards and dab eucalyptus or tea tree oil on your nose to ward off all the bugs that thrive on planes