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a republic in north central Europe on the North Sea

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For example, fearing low-cost competition from East Germany, West German unions and employers' associations used the nationwide collective-bargaining process to raise wages in East Germany.
Financially assessed, the family policies and economic systems of East and West Germany generated the outcome that, among heterosexual childrearing partners in former East and West Germany, West German mothers absorbed a disproportionate share of the burden of raising children in the form of lost leisure relative to men and nonmothers and in loss of income under their own control.
Note: The German total includes East Germany, West Germany and a united Germany.
Nethe spent twenty years working as an advisory quality engineer specializing in data analysis for IBM in East Germany, West Germany, France, Canada, and the United States.
The buyer is a new joint venture established by Georg Fischer AG, Schaffhausen, Germany, West Private Equity Ltd.
Turning to post-war Europe, Hugo Frey considers Gaullist history, Roberto Vivarelli (too briefly) the situation in Italy, where there were numerous historical attacks on the nation-state, and Mary Fulbrook contrasts Germany, West and East.