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a republic in north central Europe on the Baltic

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bring together 13 essays on the coalition dynamics among social movements, including antiwar, environmental, militia, and labor movements, as well as ethnic organizations and women's groups mostly in the US, but also the UK, Germany, East Asia, and Latin America.
With 22 years of experience working in sales, marketing and product development for multi-national pharmaceutical giant Boehringer-Ingelheim, he brings to the job a thick resume from job postings in Germany, East Africa, Philippines, Indonesia and South Korea.
In the switch from the Communist, government-run economy of East Germany to the free-market (capitalist) economy of West Germany, East Germans faced economic changes, too.
Simply put, this book offers an insider's look at the innermost workings of the top elites of the United States, the Soviet Union, West Germany, East Germany, Britain, and France in the forging of a united Germany.
The first proposition is hopelessly naive and betrays a shocking ignorance of the origins and history of the IRA, whose bedfellows and allies in its near century-long trail of blood have included Imperial Germany, Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, East Germany, the Soviet Union, Castro's Cuba, Basque terrorists, the PLO, and Gadhafi's Libya.
It seems that in Germany, east and west, Williams's play has survived capitalism and communism, social realism and ballet.