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a republic in north central Europe on the Baltic

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With 22 years of experience working in sales, marketing and product development for multi-national pharmaceutical giant Boehringer-Ingelheim, he brings to the job a thick resume from job postings in Germany, East Africa, Philippines, Indonesia and South Korea.
International contact numbers include: Northern Europe, Middle East and Africa, +44 (0) 1494 441273; Germany, East & Southeast Europe, 0049 89 31 70 20; France, Spain and Portugal, +33 1 44 92 81 60; Italy, 39 039 6340011; Japan and other parts of Asia Pacific, 81 3 5797 3500 and Latin America, 770 393 1881.
In the switch from the Communist, government-run economy of East Germany to the free-market (capitalist) economy of West Germany, East Germans faced economic changes, too.
The first proposition is hopelessly naive and betrays a shocking ignorance of the origins and history of the IRA, whose bedfellows and allies in its near century-long trail of blood have included Imperial Germany, Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, East Germany, the Soviet Union, Castro's Cuba, Basque terrorists, the PLO, and Gadhafi's Libya.
The seven DVD disc manufacturers include CDA Datentrager Albrechts GmbH of Germany, East European Authoring and Encoding Centre Ltd.