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And as it was in Germany, so it was in the United States.
At the end of the week, as had been prearranged, the telegraphers of Germany and the United States returned to their posts.
It was this renewal of peace that brought about the alliance between Germany and the United States.
In Germany the petty-bourgeois class, a relic of the sixteenth century, and since then constantly cropping up again under various forms, is the real social basis of the existing state of things.
To preserve this class is to preserve the existing state of things in Germany.
With very few exceptions, all the so-called Socialist and Communist publications that now (1847) circulate in Germany belong to the domain of this foul and enervating literature.
It happened that his desire to go to Germany fell in with certain ideas which had been of late discussed at Blackstable.
It appears you want to go to Germany, and he asks me what I think about it.
Another term won't kill you, and if you want to go to Germany you'd better go after Easter than after Christmas.
I've made all my arrangements now to go to Germany, sir," said Philip.
Previous to the peace of Westphalia, Germany was desolated by a war of thirty years, in which the emperor, with one half of the empire, was on one side, and Sweden, with the other half, on the opposite side.
The theatre of Pumpernickel is known and famous in that quarter of Germany.
By one and the other, he has won over creatures of the Court here--and, in fine, Pumpernickel will not be quiet, Germany tranquil, France respected, or Europe content until this poisonous viper be crushed under heel": and so on.
Now it seems all of Germany is behind its Nationalmannschaft, buoyed by Klinsmann's explosive attack and spirited performances in victories over Costa Rica, Poland, Ecuador and Sweden.
Meanwhile, the argument goes, this ongoing process has led to Germany undercutting the competitiveness of other euro-area countries, including Italy, Portugal, and Greece.