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The German engineers have not kept in close touch with the progress of telephony in the United States.
For this purpose I began visiting the Gostiny Dvor and after several attempts I pitched upon a piece of cheap German beaver.
in the most German and the least Gascon accent possible.
The Germans, or “High Dutchers,” as they were called, to distinguish them from the original or Low Dutch colonists, were a very peculiar people.
I rather take him to be a Dutchman, or one of your high Germans," said another citizen.
Some were yellow Germans and some were black, and all looked greasy and matted with the sea-damp.
The Gauls, Germans, Goths, Saxons, Normans, and others, had it for a time.
Winterbourne, laughing, answered that he had met Germans who spoke like Americans, but that he had not, so far as he remembered, met an American who spoke like a German.
The Germans explained this by saying the yellow peoples were without invention.
We said how strange it was that, in the face of things like these, there should be a popular notion that the Germans hadn't any sense of humour.
I merely mean," said Will, in an offhand way, "that the Germans have taken the lead in historical inquiries, and they laugh at results which are got by groping about in woods with a pocket-compass while they have made good roads.
When the sun shone again upon the second day and a wide, open plain let the full heat of Kudu flood the chilled, brown body, Tarzan's spirits rose; but it was still a sullen, surly brute that moved steadily onward into the south where he hoped again to pick up the trail of the Germans.
Germans were emerging from the open hatch to take part in the battle on deck.
It was impossible for any word of their presence in Ossray to have been known to the Germans.
When I left, there were more Germans on the U-33 than there were men of my own party at the fort, and I have had sufficient experience of Germans to know that they will bear watching--if they have not been properly watched since I left.