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With his Germanophone background, Berger encountered and benefited from the profoundly sophisticated, German social-scientific and humanistic scholars, many of them Jewish, who had fled Europe to New York; but unlike many of them, he was never committed to Marxist or Freudian perspectives, and, even more unusually, he began the development of a bifocal intellectual career as both an academic sociologist and a Christian theologian.
Geographically, CipherTec is planning to cover both francophone and germanophone cantons before expanding internationally.
She teaches an undergraduate survey course ondocumentary history and form and a graduate seminar on autobiographical non-fiction film, and is co-editing an anthology titled Framing the Self: The Autobiographical 'Turn' in Germanophone Documentary.
Emil Forrer had the good fortune to be a Germanophone Swiss citizen at the time of the Great War, during which most of his contemporaries were called to the colors of Germany or Austria-Hungary.
Based on a seminar held in 2002, this volume features 13 Germanophone Jewish articles examining works by authors of the Nazi- and post-Shoah generations.
Long mined in the Germanophone scholarly world as sources for social history, they reappear here in a fresh, convincing treatment as the substance of an evangelical biographical tradition that emerged upon the heels of the Old Church's interest in vitae and exempla.
Berlin based ImmobilienScout24 is the real estate market leader amongst Germanophone Web portals.
Quant a la Belgique, elle existe depuis 1830 et se compose de trois communautes linguistiques (francophone, neerlandophone, et germanophone) mais etant donne la faiblesse numerique de la communaute germanophone (70 000 personnes sur 10 millions), l'affrontement linguistique concerne essentiellement les francophones et les neerlandophones.
Les Conferences branches, par contre, regroupent toutes les Eglises appartenant a une ethnie ou a un groupe linguistique, telle que la Conference allemande ou la Conference francaise (Il est a noter ici que j'emploie des expressions habituelles et officielles au sein des APDC et non celles qui seraient peut-etre plus a jour et seulement descriptives comme << Conference germanophone >> ou << Conference francophone >>).
5) The goal of this analysis will be to argue that Ebner-Eschenbach, although a Germanophone author living in Austria, clearly presents a picture of Galicia's strengths and weaknesses as they appear in Polish literary tradition, despite her opposite ethnic identity and varying politics.