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Angelica Fenner, a Germanist, has charted the marginalization of Turkish-German figures as objects of pity in the New German Cinema and Deniz Gokturk (also a German film specialist) has shown how Akin is part of a wave that moves past this by producing cinematic images of Turkish-German figures performing "hybrid identities" (Fenner, "Turkish Cinema in the New Europe"; Gokturk, "Turkish Delight" and "Beyond Paternalism").
Given the interdisciplinary nature of this project, it should come as no surprise that Fehn (who passed away in 1989) was a Germanist by trade, as is Seelig, while Hallmark and Thym are musicologists.
Liulevicius's analysis prompted many Germanists (including this reviewer) to rethink their conceptualization of violence and modernity as it related to the Eastern Front, and Lekan could have usefully intervened in this debate.
Readers will find articles on the Crusades and Luther, on Wagner's Ring cycle and Schopenhauer's philosophy of the will, on Freud's Interpretation of Dreams and the New German Cinema of the 1970s--all written by Germanists currently working in American German departments.
To date the Russian translations have received no attention from Germanists.
It was by no means Germanists alone who found themselves steeped in the works of Friedrich Schlegel and Novalis, Kleist and Holderlin.
1) Research on Pietism--once the distinct province of German church historians--has become increasingly international as well as interdisciplinary in scope as Germanists, musicologists, social historians, and historians of Christianity explore the influence of this movement in Europe and the New World.
Prof Michael Butler, head of Birmingham's Department of German Studies, said: "This splendid donation offers the university's Germanists a unique and invaluable teaching and research tool.
1924) popular with Germanists, if less accessible to foreign audiences.
Still, it contains enough good work on important, if little understood, topics to make it of real value to historians and Germanists.