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Greek and Latin, the prestigious classical languages, should make room, Germanists insisted, for the exploration and teaching of the vernacular.
the war, Germanists in the fledgling Federal Republic used the occasion
Prof Michael Butler, head of Birmingham's Department of German Studies, said: "This splendid donation offers the university's Germanists a unique and invaluable teaching and research tool.
War had not been invented when our First Parents inhabited Paradise, martial courage and physical strength were nothing then though they are ever present to Anglo-Saxonists and Germanists.
Not in the academy, where young Germanists stake their careers in trendier soil, but among the ragged ranks of the reading public, Rilke is one of the most beloved poets of the 20th century.
With its roots in a March 2014 symposium at Washington University, this volume features contributions by fifteen Germanists, including one by each of the two editors (and symposium co-organizers), Erin McGlothlin and Jennifer Kapczynski, on a wide range of issues related to Holocaust memory and representation--and the media that sustain them--in the German cultural orbit.
Twelve distinguished Germanists, mostly North American, have honoured the Enlightenment scholar John McCarthy with a richly deserved Festschrift.
1924) popular with Germanists, if less accessible to foreign audiences.
Still, it contains enough good work on important, if little understood, topics to make it of real value to historians and Germanists.
It can be profitably read by Germanists and all students of popular and youth culture.
It is not aimed solely at Germanists (translations are used throughout) and will be of use to those researching the history of publishing and the sociology of literature.
Indeed, it is also largely thanks to efforts by American Germanists that the canon of German literature, selective to a far greater extent than English or French literature, has been opened up not just to women writers but in general.
He is also a prophet: Sebalds denunciation of influential 1960s Germanists, whom he saw as tainted by their involvement in Nazism, turned out, on the basis of later research, to have been correct, and his attacks on the morally and politically reprehensible conduct of Alfred Andersch have been confirmed in their validity as new facts about Andersch have come to light.
With Goethe Rome became the city of antiquity, sensuality, and artistic rebirth, a topic which has been researched to death by generations of Germanists.