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a specialist in the study of Germanic language or culture or literature

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It appeared more frequently than any other early text in Germanist university lecture series (Janota 251), and scholars regularly advanced it as the most promising candidate for a pivotal work in building the German-language canon; August Wilhelm Schlegel was a prominent advocate for its wider dissemination.
While the majority of the sixteen essays in the collection were written as individual undertakings, four of them were jointly authored by one of the Germanists teaming up with one the musicologists.
12) What applied to the Slavs, as the original target of the era's Germanist discourses, extended equally to all the peoples of the Soviet Union.
Moreover, he is well placed as a Germanist to rectify the deficiency identified.
Professor Wells is trained as a medieval Germanist and has published monographs and articles on a range of topics, in particular on the 12th-century corpus of German religious poetry, early medieval didactic poetry and religious polemical dialogue, and their assimilation by poets of the classical Middle High German period.
In the course of rive chapters, each one a complete unit in itself, Luciano Parisi traces here the professional, and also the personal and spiritual, development of the writer, critic, Germanist and journalist Giuseppe Antonio Borgese (1882-1952).
Breaking disciplinary boundaries, feminist scholarship moved American Germanist scholars beyond conventional limits.
24] Burdach (1859-1936) was a Germanist who argued that the Renaissance emerged from the "medieval apocalyptic-chiliastic tradition of rebirth and reformation of the political-religious community.
She is a long-time editor of the important monthly Odra, and lives in Wroclaw with her husband, the Germanist and Celan translator Feliks Przybylak.
A work on the Tatianic links of the Old High German Tatian, left by him ready for publication, was published posthumously in 1964 by a Germanist, Johannes Rathofer.
This book is in the series Oxford Modern Languages and Literature Monographs: the author is a Germanist and quotes from his sources (critical as well as primary) in the original language.
The Germanist Saine writes history with seemingly less deference to those literary modes than many historians do--especially during the years since Black Bread--White Bread was published in 1988.
In 1992 the American Germanist Mary Tannert wrote a doctoral dissertation on Groner that remains the only hi-depth study in any language of Groner's crime fiction.
Influenced by the turbulent events underway in fall of 1989, the Women in German conference had voted that October to invite Angela Krauss as one of the GDR guests for the 1990 conference, along with authors Helga Konigsdorf and Waltraud Lewin, as well as the Humboldt University Germanist Eva Kaufmann.
And although Bechtel is as accomplished a Germanist as she is a Yiddishist, she relies on the imprecise translation of Kafka's Ein Hungerkunstler ("A Hunger Artist") as Un artiste du jeune ("A Fasting Artist") to interpret the story as relating to traditional Jewish fasting.