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a specialist in the study of Germanic language or culture or literature

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She comes to a similar conclusion as Elsaesser regarding the usefulness of representations of "hybridity," producing research that confirms critiques of the concept by Leslie Adelson (a Germanist focused on migration literature in Germany).
While the majority of the sixteen essays in the collection were written as individual undertakings, four of them were jointly authored by one of the Germanists teaming up with one the musicologists.
As a Germanist, I just felt that it was something I had a duty to do.
As an added bonus, the translated texts and introductory biographies of the authors are supplemented with a scholarly essay by the Egyptian Germanist Jihan Hassib on the image of women in the works of Christa Wolf and Radwa Ashour as well as a commentary by Muntassir al-Qaffasch on Peter Handke's novel "Wunschloses UnglE-ck" ("Perfectly Happy Misery").
Moreover, he is well placed as a Germanist to rectify the deficiency identified.
Characteristically defying English literary prejudices, Enright was a lifelong passionate Germanist, making his own poetic version of the Faust story in A Faust Book (1979).
To date the most suggestive evidence for supporting a connection is presented in the respective work of Annemarie Schimmel and Ingeborg Solbrig, an Orientalist and a Germanist primarily concerned with tracing Rilke's exposure to, and mediation of, Islamic culture and thought.
Roosevelt the Germanist admired the kaiser's finer Teutonic qualities, as indeed he did those of Bismarck and Helmuth von Moltke.
35 Henry Schmidt, "The Rhetoric of Survival: The Germanist in America from 1900 to 1925," Trommler, McVeigh, eds.
In 1992 the American Germanist Mary Tannert wrote a doctoral dissertation on Groner that remains the only hi-depth study in any language of Groner's crime fiction.
An anti-German paraphrase of the chorale replacing the original comfort the grieving, drive away all evil with the words, drive out the Germans, foreigners, is usually dated to 1848 too, but as the Germanist Arnost Kraus has shown, it was definitely printed a few years earlier.
24] Burdach (1859-1936) was a Germanist who argued that the Renaissance emerged from the "medieval apocalyptic-chiliastic tradition of rebirth and reformation of the political-religious community.
She is a long-time editor of the important monthly Odra, and lives in Wroclaw with her husband, the Germanist and Celan translator Feliks Przybylak.
This volume originated in a colloquium to celebrate the 60th birthday of the Germanist Wolfgang Harms.
The significance of Harman's version lies principally in the fact that he has worked from the later "critical" edition prepared, after some twenty years of meticulous toil, by the Oxford Germanist Malcolm Pasley and his colleagues.