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While Mr Lee is right in saying Bede mentions "the English" as an entity, this does not refer to a country of the English, more a network of groups of Germanic settled peoples.
In Uncovering the Germanic past: Merovingian archaeology in France 1830-1914, BONNIE EFFROS reminds us that histories of archaeology which portray the evolution of the discipline as a series of conscious and rational steps towards the present are written with the benefit of hindsight.
Old-fashioned or not, however, the issue of orality persists in the study of early Germanic literature.
And, as for me being the one who so named these coming invaders' as Germanics, I would advise Eric to take a look at the Oxford English Dictionary.
What is also relevant to the discussion here is the harmonization between notions of Germanic fate and Christian Divine Providence one finds in Tolkien's The Silmarillion.
As a consequence, Die Schwarzmeerdeutschen is a treasure trove of new data on Germanic colonists.
24]) from Germanic *banna- 'summons, proclamation, order' (BDE: 74a, s.
She also thought the uniforms worn by the British officers looked too Germanic," the source added.
One of the French firm's best cars ever, it engaged me as much as a 205 GTi, consistently returned 50-plus mpg and amazed me with its feel of Germanic solidity.
I would like in particular to thank the members of the journal's Editorial Board for their assistance and their patience; and on their behalf, I extend further thanks to my colleagues and friends in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies at the University of Waterloo, and its chair, James M.
Archaeologists have unearthed the flotsam of a battle fought in the heart of Germany between Roman legionnaires and Germanic tribes 200 years after Romans were believed to have retreated behind the Rhine.
It was also an important date for the Celts and Germanic tribes.
This bellicose Germanic outburst sent Blair into a blind panic.
Wiik, we have a vast area of language shift that has left behind significant substratal influences in Germanic, Slavic and Baltic languages.
Which Germanic tribe sacked Rome in 455 and later created a kingdom in north Africa which lasted until 534?