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Martin Friedrich's "Jesus Christ between Jews and Heathens: The Germanic Mission and the Portrayal of Christ in the Old Saxon Heliand," in addition to incidentally reviewing much Heliand scholarship, looks at the Germanicization of Christianity in the context of Judaism and how the Jesus story might have been perceived by the Saxons in their time of conversion.
What is also relevant to the discussion here is the harmonization between notions of Germanic fate and Christian Divine Providence one finds in Tolkien's The Silmarillion.
As a consequence, Die Schwarzmeerdeutschen is a treasure trove of new data on Germanic colonists.
24]) from Germanic *banna- 'summons, proclamation, order' (BDE: 74a, s.
Archaeologists have unearthed the flotsam of a battle fought in the heart of Germany between Roman legionnaires and Germanic tribes 200 years after Romans were believed to have retreated behind the Rhine.
This bellicose Germanic outburst sent Blair into a blind panic.
Wiik, we have a vast area of language shift that has left behind significant substratal influences in Germanic, Slavic and Baltic languages.
Which Germanic tribe sacked Rome in 455 and later created a kingdom in north Africa which lasted until 534?
Ancient Privileges: 'Beowulf ', Law, and the Making of Germanic Antiquity.
In the pre-Christian era the oak was the sacred tree for the Germanic peoples but legend has it that the missionary to the Germans, St Boniface, in order to stop sacrifices at their sacred Donar Oak near Geismar, chopped the tree down.
The study is an empirical, text-based analysis of Latinate elements of the English lexicon, taken as representing a more formal, literate level of language use than words of its native Germanic stock, and hence as diagnostic of linguistic register across the variables of age and text type (narrative versus expository genres, spoken versus written discourse).
There are elements of the beautiful traditional Germanic Christmas and contemporary American music.
Twenty years after the events in the Balkans, the Goths and Vandals and other Germanic peoples were again pressing to the west, again probably being propelled by pressures from migrating Huns in the east.
The research, led by the University College London, aims to explain the high number of Germanic male line ancestors found in modern day England.
When, for example, the article on dan 'then' tells us that this word comes from Germanic pa-, going back to a PIE root to-, the reader is left to guess how t became first p and then d.