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able to communicate in German

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The Swiss have dubbed that split the 'roestigraben' or 'hash-brown divide', because the dish is so common in German-speaking areas and not in French-speaking regions.
122)" that yet again clearly differentiated German-speaking Europeans from their Italian-speaking counterparts.
It started more in the German-speaking markets, but it's now more of an issue in the UK as well.
The German-speaking financial capital of Zurich was the first to announce, two years ago, that it would teach English before French.
In the space of one year, three million German-speaking people were expelled to Germany, with the approval of the Allies.
The MICE market monitor report has been published every year since 2004 and is now a well established study offering representative data and professional insights into the most important developments of the German-speaking outbound market.
Overall 43 channels will be delivered in HD in German-speaking Switzerland and 27 in French-speaking and Italian-speaking Switzerland.
Students in German-speaking Switzerland are outperforming their classmates in the French- and Italian-speaking regions of the country, according to just-published results of the 2006 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) study.
However, she is fortunate to speak her dialect and meet some of her friends, thanks to Glad (German Ladies Abu Dhabi), an organisation of German-speaking ladies in the capital.
Localism, landscape, and the ambiguities of place; German-speaking Central Europe, 1860-1930.
Although "Die Zehn Gebote" ("The Ten Commandments") was, to my mind, one of the best exhibitions in any German-speaking country in recent years, the reaction to it has been muted at best.
The agreement will also extend LeapFrog products into other German-speaking markets including Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
Lying at the eastern end of the Bieler See, at the point where French-speaking west Switzerland meets the German-speaking north-east, Bienne is the largest town involved in Expo and has the largest arteplage.
Universities and Gymnasia], it reliably informs the reader about all aspects of the higher education system in the German-speaking countries before, during and after the Reformation, describing with a wealth of detail the school system on the eve of the modern period, the gradual reception of humanism, the impact of the Reformation on thc higher school system as established by Philipp Melanchthon, the extraordinary impact of the Jesuits on education in the Catholic territories, noting reassuringly, however, that the differences between the Protestant and Catholic models of the "humanistische Gymnasium" were quite minimal.
Over 200 Digital Books Covering Technology Topics Now Available for German-Speaking Professionals