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able to communicate in German

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Frankfurt-based Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Wertpapieranalyse GmbH (DGWA)s appointment will also position the firm in the German-speaking media environment.
She is to report to Claus Hecher, head of Development in Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland.
Assembling and augmenting scattered studies since 2004, Holfter and Dickel attempt a comprehensive picture of German-speaking refugees in Ireland during the Nazi era and World War II, particularly focusing on the extent to which Ireland provided a sanctuary for them.
With a reach of 18 million in Germany, we serve the majority of TV homes, plus millions of German-speaking viewers throughout Europe.
It is nevertheless possible to identify the best and the worst pupils: Luxembourg, Cyprus and German-speaking Belgium are outstanding on language preparation and portability of student aid.
This central article is framed by two further contributions dealing with the very early stages of music printing in German-speaking areas: Mary Kay Duggan writes mostly on liturgical and paraliturgical incunabula, including psalters and broadsides, while Gundela Bobeth explores the role of the Melopoiae in the dissemination--both written and printed--of humanistic ode compositions.
According to CPS, Pinova is the market leader in colorants for facade coatings and wet plasters in German-speaking Europe and CEE countries.
The first German-speaking group to come to America in 1683 was thirteen Quaker families from the city of Krefeld under the leadership of Franz Daniel Pastorius.
Mueller was born in a German-speaking region of Romania and fled the country two years before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.
Topics include the Swiss as model immigrants, the experiences of German-speaking people in Canada, memory amongst Jewish refugees, German-American identity as expressed in German language newspaper in St.
The agreement with Krieger is of strategic importance since it expands our installed base of pharmaceutical distributors in the important German-speaking market," said Lukas Hostettler, managing director of IBS German Speaking Europe.
Analog terrestrial signals in most of German-speaking Switzerland are scheduled to be switched off by Nov.
Upon his arrival, he took up residence in the German-speaking community of Waterloo, where his elder brother had already founded several companies.
A MIDLAND firm banned from advertising for a German-speaking worker last night said 'danke schon' to the Sunday Mercury.
com/DE, enables German-speaking visitors to the site to gain information about alliance news and SkyTeam customer benefits.