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Top-class German-language offering with international highlights
March 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ebrary, a ProQuest business, today announced a new German-language e-book subscription database for academic libraries.
The Holy Father continued his letter with a lengthy examination of the technical aspects of the pros and cons of translating the pre-Vatican Latin "pro multis" (for many) as "for all," a usage adopted in 1973 by the English-speaking world, by Italy, and by part of the German-language area and others.
The addition of a German-language version is a logical next-step extension for our business," said John Malone, President and Chief Executive Officer of eQuest.
Austria grants the Fachverband der Buch- und Medienwirtschaft (its trade association of the chamber of commerce for the book and media trade) the authority to publish retail prices for the sale in Austria of German-language books.
Rowling has reportedly agreed to allow the first chapter of the book's German translation to be published later this month in 21 German-language newspapers sold by homeless people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
For more information on the German-language website, visit www.
Serials Solutions declared the extension of agreement with Schattauer GmbH, as a part of its commitment to add to the German-language resources discoverable through the Summon service.
BA[paragraph]rsenverein Awards the Year's Best German-Language Novel / Prize Ceremony in Frankfurt's RA[paragraph]mer in Front of 400 Guests
A German-language edition is being produced for the Linux market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Although most have been fairly slender -- about 75 pages on average -- all of them have borne impressive weight, and their author has been praised as today's foremost German-language aphorist.
s 25 percent stake in the German-language version of the Internet search engine Infoseek.
After running one of the most popular German-language virtual communities for many years, Spotlight(R)-Onlinemarketing has considerable experience in online publishing and good contacts to the most important advertising agencies/advertising clients such as, for example, the German subsidiaries of Intel and Microsoft, as well as DaimlerChrysler (Debis) and numerous German websites.
With the rapidly-increasing demand for SecureDoc in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, it just made sense to develop a German-language version," said Thi Nguyen-Huu, CEO, WinMagic.
The outcome, the shortlist, does not represent a uniform approach in terms of subject matter or style; far rather, so the judges hope, it demonstrates the varied range of very readable novels produced by German-language authors in 2008.
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