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any of several white wines from the Rhine River valley in Germany ('hock' is British usage)

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Wines of Germany is focused on creating greater awareness to further enhance the image and increase sales of German wine in the U.
For more information on German wines you can go to www.
German wines have got bad press for being too sweet for good pairings, but that's not true.
There an image problem with German wine, in that everyone thinks it's supersweet like the stuff we all drank at 16.
2000 Black Tower became the most popular German wine in Canada
This is a bargain break taking you to the German wine areas - with a free bar for good measure
The more expensive a German wine, the more likely it is to feature minerally complexity.
If you want an ultralight wine, of all the German wine regions (and there are many), just remember the Mosel.
Sichel Sohne, producer of Blue Nun German wine, and Shaw-Ross International Importers have announced a trade competition that offers two Mercedes Benz ML 320 SUVs to the two wholesalers which post the largest increase in sales volume and distribution for the brand from September through December 2000 compared to the same period last year.
To help German wine fans figure out what's been going on and where we stand, there is now available for the first time in English the German Wine Guide by Armin Diel and John Payne (Abbeville Press).
Carol Sullivan, executive director of the German Wine Information Bureau, reports excellent wines from the Riesling grape and a good number of sweet, ripe wines, while the earlier, rained-upon varietals are of average quality.
German Wine Sector Needs To Consolidate To Compete: In December 2011, two German wine cooperatives, Deutsches Weintor and Niederkirchener Weinmacher, completed a merger to become the largest wine cooperative in the Pfalz region of Germany.
If you haven't tried German riesling for years because you think of that warm German wine on your corner shop's bottom shelf, then think again.
99 Liebfraumilch (75cl) This German wine has a unique, light, slightly sweet taste and goes down a treat.