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hardy wheat grown mostly in Europe for livestock feed

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I had come on an almost empty stomach, so I was delighted to find out that the first beer to be served was a Schneider Weisse, a German wheat beer with an alcohol content of 5.
Traders said the wheat was likely Canadian and/or from the Baltic region including Lithuania, adding German wheat, which meets protein requirement, seems too expensive.
Katrine, Frank's wife, gave up and switched to German wheat beer, but the rest of us merrily drank on.
A new German wheat beer is attempting to take on InBev's Hoegaarden.
Start with a breakfast of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and toast accompanied by a German wheat beer which has enough ripe fruity flavour to complement the delicate flavour of this delightful, early-morning combination.
Besides the expected Thai-style iced tea or iced coffee ($3 each) as accompanying beverages, there's a decent cold domestically produced sake called Sho Chiku Bai Ginjo ($8), also the refreshing German wheat brew known as Franziskaner Weisse ($7).
A well organized beer list according to Oliver should have, "at least one great Pilsner, one great German wheat beer, one great pale ale, at least two or three of the comple x beers from Belgium because they are very versatile and are as complex as any beverage you can think of, an imperial stout, which is always great with a wide variety of desserts, and one of the Belgian fruit beers.
In keeping with the traditional German wheat beer formulation, Saint Arnold Texas Wheat offers a light flavor while maintaining a rich body.
The beer is made with white wheat, two-row and Munich malts, hopped with Columbus/CTZ and fermented with a German wheat beer yeast.
As well as distinguishing various styles including lager, pilsner, German wheat beer, rauchbier, bitters, stouts and porters, Marverine was asked which beers she would serve with ten different courses, including grilled mackerel, chargrilled steak and treacle tart and custard.
Applied to beer and food, a light fish dish with lemon juice and olive oil should be served with a delicate beer, like a German wheat beer (Weissbier).
We will be selling a range of traditional beers including three real ales, two real ciders, German wheat beer and strawberry wheat beer.
Formerly The Byre, they sell a decent range of real ale with brews such as Deuchars IPA prominent on the bar along with German wheat beers and Greene King's Abbot Ale.
But the fridges are more well-stocked with a variety of drinks, splendid German wheat beers and such like.
There is genuine pleasure to be had in discovering whether the cocoa bean of the Venezuela, California or Indian Ocean areas go best with say a German wheat beer or an India Pale Ale, adds Rupert.