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Senator Raja Zafarul Haq said the committee was informed that several foreign submarine manufacturing companies had put up their bid to provide submarines to the Pakistan Navy, but the German submarines were preferred by the Navy on the basis of their technological superiority and cost.
By this time, however, the situation for the German submarines in the Caribbean had already changed significantly.
This history of the USS Ward, a destroyer built in 1918 to fight German submarines, traces its life and crew from its construction, post-World War I duty, and its firing of the first shot in World War II, to its time as a destroyer-transport until 1944 when it sank.
When German submarines increase their activity off the coast of Venezuela, Philip's mother insists that the two of them leave the island of Curacao where his father works for an oil refinery, but she refuses to fly and they take passage on a ship.
From 1942 to 1944, it assumed the role of antisubmarine warfare, patrolling for German submarines that frequented New England waters.
The European Union may end its ban on arms sales to China this spring, diplomatic sources said, a move that could allow Beijing's big-spending military to buy cutting-edge weapons ranging from French Mirage jets to stealthy German submarines.
His greatest contribution of the war came in July 1942 as a young 25- year-old signal corpsman sitting atop a mountain in Trinidad, keeping an eye out for German submarines in the Caribbean.
The E16 and its 31 crew were reported missing after sailing from Blyth, Northumberland, to seek out and destroy German submarines in August 1916.
The E16 set sail from Blyth, Northumbria, in 1916 on a mission to find and destroy German submarines.
German submarines operating there sank 56 Allied ships.
During the nine months of the so-called phony war, the German submarines had sunk 141 ships in the North Atlantic.
This was nearly half the operational destroyers that the British had to protect all the sea lanes of the world from German submarines.
German submarines prowled the ocean, trying to sink any ship that would bring the men and supplies their enemies needed.
below RARE images of U-boat hunter Captain Johnnie Walker's crew attacking German submarines are set to go on show in Liverpool.
A number of German submarines arrived in Liverpool and the surrendered U1023 is seen in the Mersey