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the mass murder of Jews under the German Nazi regime from 1941 until 1945


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Our consideration below presents German solutions which are considered as model regulations, and their reflection in the Act of 22nd May, 2005 on Mortgage Bonds (Pfandbriefgesetz, BGBl.
A watered-down version of the German solution was eventually adopted.
A German solution would please Berlin, which would prefer to avoid seeing Postbank slip into foreign hands.
Regardless of the ongoing debate on Springer's publishing strength, it's a pity we can't develop any schemes that allow us to foster a German solution," said Wolfgang Thaenert, general director of regional regulator LPR-Hessen, who until last year was the speaker of the regional media regulators director's board, DLM.
Yet Bauer remains the odds-on favorite amid a general desire for a German solution.
The speech-enabled solution was implemented by ASKA Corporation, a ScanSoft partner and German solution integrator that specializes in speech recognition and productivity solutions.
Still, the elegant German solution leaves the question of a similarly fitting English title unanswered (unfortunately and undeservedly, Makanin is one of the leading Russian authors almost completely neglected by U.
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