German silver

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a silver-white alloy containing copper and zinc and nickel

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Set in sturdy fibre-reincorced plastic, these have been given a marble dust coating for a stony feel and are touched-up by German silver foil.
Ennis, 26, won gold with a total of 6,955 points, 306 more than German silver medallist Lilli Schwarzkopf.
German silver plate and white gold applications designed by Eric Giroud
There is a royal provenance, too, for the superb German silver eight-light chandelier commissioned by King George II for his palace in Hanover that was designed by his architect William Kent, made by Balthasar Friedrich Behrens and delivered in 1736.
The one-piece bag, made around 1880, has German silver conchos and bells, and would have carried small items while draped under a saddle.
Williams pipped the German silver medal winner Kerstin Szymkowiak by 0.
By the end of the war, five different variations of the Lebel bayonet were to be found in French inventories including (above, from top to bottom) Mle 1886 Lebel epee bayonet with German silver or maillechort grip, Mle 1886/16 simplified Lebel epee bayonet, also with maillechort grip, wartime simplified pattern eliminating the recurved quillion in order to reduce the manufacturing time and cost of each bayonet.
A German silver table bell is expected to raise from pounds 180 to pounds 240, while three French fans are put at pounds 150 to pounds 250, and two marble-topped Chinese tables of 1900 between pounds 200 and pounds 300.
Fellow Scot Ross Edgar claimed silver, with Chris Newton taking bronze behind German silver medallist Roger Kluge as SpainCOs Joan Llaneras reclaimed the points race crown he won in 2000.
At the Berlin Games, in which Adolf Hitler hoped to demonstrate Aryan superiority, the African-American Owens blew that up by winning four gold medals -- the long-jump gold thanks in part to advice from German silver medalist LuzLong.
Back then the German Silver Arrows personified by Mercedes Benz and Auto Union (later to become Audi) launched a full fledged war on their French, British, and most importantly, Italian rivals.
The European alloy - which differs slightly in its composition from the Chinese original - was generally known as German silver - a misleading name as, of course, it had no silver in it.
German silver nef (model of a ship) from the British Sailor's Society Guild: pounds 800
The R32 just exudes the look that draws my tuner car lining sons--the classic German silver compact stretched down over its 18-in.
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