German silver

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a silver-white alloy containing copper and zinc and nickel

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The first sinks to come out of Elkay were butler's pantry sinks made of German silver and constructed entirely by hand.
I'd like to comment on Barry Hardin's article: "Buying German Silver Work: What You Should Know Part 2", in Vol.
The stocks are of nicely checkered maple, and details-barrel key escutcheons and fore-end caps-are of German silver.
antique-clocks co uk)' A good late 19th - century Swiss gilt brass and enamel rectangular singing bird music box (far left) which sold in a recent auction for pounds 2,000' (left ) a good early 20 th century German silver gilt - cased rectangular singing bird box, sold for pounds 1.
He is also wearing a neckerchief with a stamped German silver slide.
This issue continues with part two on buying German silver work written and photographed by Barry Hardin of Slidel, Louisiana.
This rifle is equipped with a traditional copper-based German silver blade front sight that has been dovetailed into position.
Like any piece of jewelry, German silver pieces need to have quality workmanship, be attractive, and be comfortable to wear.
This rifle is also equipped with a shotgun-type butt and the early Hartford-style, cast German silver nose cap.
The growing interest in Straight dancing has led to an increased amount of German silver jewelry and accessories for sale in today's market.
Secure with a German Silver turban band, or by using a secondary silk or cotton scarf folded into a narrower width (also on the bias) tied into place to also act as a turban band.
During the 1860-80 period the tie thongs were often attached to the loops of a pair of German silver conchos, then passed through the fabric of the blanket.
Perhaps the most striking item of this man's appearance is his set of large metal hairplates, probably German silver.
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